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Sweeping Declaration… of the New Year’s Resolutions

15 Jan

Better late than never, isn’t that what they say? It’s the middle of the month and I feel like it is the appropriate time for me to outline my resolutions for the new year.  Ok, so last year, my goals were to:

– Eat more fruit (check)

– Move at least 30 minutes a day (check, check.  Thanx Slimdog!)

And those are the two I really remember.

This year, 2012, I resolve to:

– Train/Run in a 1/2 marathon

– Not complain about Mr. V’s lack in helping with household chores

– Read more (I slacked a lot last year)

– Be more informed (about the World in general.  There’s a lot going on out there, kids.)

– Seriously save, save, SAVE for the up coming wedding (Here’s to “no money fun”!! More on this later)

– And like my good friend Axel Rose said, we all need a little patience so, I’m gonna try that out too.


Fresh start

15 Jan

Looking back on 2011, I realize it was probably the most difficult year of my life.  The year started off with unemployment and near break up and lots of debt.  There were good things too, like a promotion and moving in with my lovah to our own love nest. But it seems like the bad was so much more intense.  There were lots of growing pains for me personally and for Mr. V and I and our relationship.  We totally came full circle though by December 24 because he asked me to marry him… and I said YES!!!  I think we both have our eyes wide open and are ready for whatever the universe wants to throw our way.  I can’t wait to start saving money and planning the little (and big) details of our wedding. Hope 2012 has been good to you and cheers to the future.


Side note: THIS is THE year that I 1) really start to write this blog and get it up and running… with posts every week!!!  And 2) that I run a 1/2 marathon.  Ugh.  I wrote that out loud, didn’t I?  Well, at least you guys can hold me accountable for it!!