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Blogging from the bed

20 Feb

I’m blogging in bed. I’m not tired and I like the book I’m reading… Just not enough to read it. Right now. You know how that goes (especially because the book I read before this one was SO GOOD). Mr. V, for some reason has decided NOT to play FIFA on the PS3 which means he is also in bed. He’s using the computer so I’m taking a stab at writing on my phone. Pretty good so far… Waaaay easier than I thought it’d be. He is making random new playlists on iTunes and its hilarious because he doesn’t get the new layout yet. Slim is actually in his own bed right now which is hugely shocking. I doubt it’s gonna last long but we’ll see.
In the last few months, we have really ramped up our exercise routine. Basically from nil to 60 in 3 seconds. (Or whatever the equivalent would be in exercise terminology.) I’ve been running since May but we really have been super lax about extra lbs and excessive pizza intake. We needed a change. The New Year will do that to ya. So anyway, as terrible of an excuse as it is, we didn’t do anything last week and I blame Valentine’s day. And Top Gun in 3D. I mean, it was TOP GUN, people. IN 3D!! It was an event not to be missed. And we had a blast. We ate a dinner of chicken tenders and curly fries! (At the theatre, natch.) And a diet coke that was the size of a medium sized child’s swimming pool. Seriously.

I digress… Tonight we worked out after doing nothing for a week. I got my sweet lil butt kicked. Hard. We started with a new cardio yoga DVD which was extremely hard, mainly because when you are in downward dog, you can’t see the tv so you really have no idea WHAT in the heck you are doing. (Unless, I suppose, you know the difference between a retching pigeon and a smiling frog. Which I do not.) So, I wussed out and turned it off half way thru, something I NEVER do. And I threw in one of my Jillian Michael’s DVD’s… Kickboxing cardio. Woof. It was hard. But I did the whole dang thing. Mr. V was a sweaty mess by the end and we were both wiped out afterward but felt 100 times better for doing it. Sometimes, sweating is just what the doctor ordered.

And now, now we sleep. And Slimmer is still in his bed. It’s a miracle!




Cut to VA livin’…

17 Feb

Sooo, nothing like a new year to start blogging again.  I sure hope it sticks this time.  Last time I posted something was literally one year ago.  Well, to be exact, one year and two days.  Geesh.  Where does the time go?  I’ll tell you… it goes by while you get engaged, your fiance quits his job that was making him miserable, lands a new, awesome job in the far, far away land know as Virginia.  It goes by while you leave the position at your job that you busted your tail to get, while the love of your life throws out your couch during the move (that’s a good story.  I’ll tell you alllll about it later) and you almost become un-engaged (not really).  Times goes by while you move to a new state, try new recipes, pay off a lot of credit card debt, buy a wedding dress, get snowed in in WV and while you try and try and try to make new friends.  It goes by while you adjust to growing pains, train for a half marathon and study for the Praxis I.  Times goes by while you are celebrating birthdays and bonuses, while you read new books and listen to records that are new to you and yours.  It goes by while you make changes to simply be more positive on a daily basis and while you try to be less wasteful and more patient (NY resolutions!).  It goes by while you are living it. Every single day.  Life is life wherever you go.  It just is.