Cut to VA livin’…

17 Feb

Sooo, nothing like a new year to start blogging again.  I sure hope it sticks this time.  Last time I posted something was literally one year ago.  Well, to be exact, one year and two days.  Geesh.  Where does the time go?  I’ll tell you… it goes by while you get engaged, your fiance quits his job that was making him miserable, lands a new, awesome job in the far, far away land know as Virginia.  It goes by while you leave the position at your job that you busted your tail to get, while the love of your life throws out your couch during the move (that’s a good story.  I’ll tell you alllll about it later) and you almost become un-engaged (not really).  Times goes by while you move to a new state, try new recipes, pay off a lot of credit card debt, buy a wedding dress, get snowed in in WV and while you try and try and try to make new friends.  It goes by while you adjust to growing pains, train for a half marathon and study for the Praxis I.  Times goes by while you are celebrating birthdays and bonuses, while you read new books and listen to records that are new to you and yours.  It goes by while you make changes to simply be more positive on a daily basis and while you try to be less wasteful and more patient (NY resolutions!).  It goes by while you are living it. Every single day.  Life is life wherever you go.  It just is. 


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