20 Mar

I passed the Praxis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found out on Tuesday, in the most random fashion. Mr. V and I had an argument the night before about me going back to school, debt and his thesis. About supporting each other, financially and emotionally, and about things that happened before we knew each other (i.e. debt and thesis papers). And I was feeling very 1)irritated 2) guilty and 3) overwhelmed when I came to work the next day. I decided to check to see if my scores had come in (I’ve checked every week since I took the test… they said it could take 2 to 4 weeks to get the final scores. UGH!) and *SURPRISE* there they were. My little heart flipped as I scanned the page to check if I passed… I knew EXACTLY what score I needed, numerically, in order to pass and as soon as I saw that I exceeded that number, I did a little woop woop at my desk and was grinning from ear to ear. I called my parents house. No answer. I called Mr. V. No answer. I called my mom’s cell. No answer. I called my Dad’s cell. No answer. I had a “WFT is going on?!?!?” moment and called Micah at work. No answer. I called my dad again… SUCCESS!!! Then my mom called me. And then Mr. V called me. We all were happy, stupid happy and relieved. It was the most fulfilling/proud feeling that I have had in such a long time. I needed it. I was craving a goal to accomplish and man! it felt so, SO good to knock that one outta the park.

No rest for the weary tho… now it’s on the VCLA (Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment) test. I am studying for that this weekend… luckily, it’s only reading and writing so fingers crossed, I’ll nail this one too. Look out grad school, I’m coming for ya!!


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