5 Guys + Columbus Alive = Nostalgic Moo

28 Mar

A few weeks ago, the Mister and I went out for a hike on part of the AT (Appalachian Trail, for those of you who don’t know) with Slim. It was a glorious day, sunshine and that cool, crisp air that tells you winter is losing it’s battle with spring. After we hiked for an hour or so, we decided we were starving and needed a game plan before the “hangrys” set in. We decided on 5 Guys Burgers and Fries in Ashburn. 5 Guys. Oh, 5 Guys. I always, always get the same thing, cheeseburger, all the way. Micah changes his order from time to time… the man likes everything but pickles and he loves a change-up. 5 Guys is good. Every. Single. Time. They never disappoint. And those FRIES! We always split a regular size cause there’s just too manY of them. And we salt and pepper the heck outta those babies! If you’ve ever been to a 5 GUYS, you know that they have “flare” on their walls in the form of newspaper and magazine articles. I usually check them out while we eat our peanuts and wait for our food. As I was scanning the walls, reading various reviews, I stumbled across a publication that I read almost every week in Columbus, called Columbus Alive. It’s a great little alternative paper with TONS of info on what to do and where to eat in Columbus. It was the “Best of Columbus” issue from 2010 and 5 Guys was the runner up in the “Best French Fry and Best Burger” categories. It was beaten out by none other than the Thurman Cafe in German Village. I shouted over to Micah to “check THIS out!” And then I was sad. Thurman’s was one of the LAST places Micah and I ate at before we left town for VA. I got so nostalgic, longing for the neighborhood feel of GermanVillage, Grandview and Clintonville. (I also feel this way every time I see a car with an Ohio license plate or an OSU bumper sticker. Then I check out the driver, you know, just to make sure I don’t know them. Normal, right?) It made me miss the sense of community. The GOOD food at affordable prices. The hole in the wall places, that you know after you’ve lived somewhere for years. Your local haunts. And then I started to miss my people. (Speaking of my people, a very cool thing happened when Mr. V and I started dating. My friends and his friends BECAME friends. And are still friends. Independently of us. It really is pretty cool.) I miss my people pretty much on a daily basis. I talked to my mom everyday (sounds crazy, I know, but I have an hour drive home from work so it’s a perfect way to spend that time.) Lately, I have been missing home like Scarlet misses Rhett. I know that my life is here now, with Micah and the Slim but sometimes it is really hard. I am a social beast and when I have no outlet for that, I tend to go nuts. I think planning the wedding is making me homesick too. BUT, there is a silver lining (isn’t there always?!)… I go home in 2 weeks!!!! 2 WEEKS from TODAY!!!! I cannot wait. I have no return ticket…yet. I know, I know, I gotta one.






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