… Move to the country. Build you a home.

25 Jun

So, we did it. We up and moved to the country. Ah, moving. It was our 3 move in 3 years. How exciting. Or not. No, the moving part was great! Just not the packing, loading, and unloading. HOWEVER, there were no casualties this year!! All furniture, including 2, that’s right! 2 couches made it to the new house, out in the country. We have been here for about 2, 2.5 weeks and its safe to say that we LOVE it out here. We lived in Reston, VA (or the place that shall not be named. Home to Boofie O’Gorman and the curbside shoppers. No, not a band but another story for another time.) for 14 months and we met/ were friendly with 5 people. And 2 dogs. Sad. Very sad. And we tried! We said “howdy” to folks on our evening walks. We said “good morning!” and “how about this weather?” to neighbors. No one was interested. It’s like they could smell the Midwest on us and they were allergic. Anyway, we have already been invited and accepted a dinner invitation! From a neighbor! It happened last Saturday and it was glorious. I don’t know if it was our dog’s good looks or super moon voo doo that scored us the invite but I’ll take it! Needless to say, we are (now) from the country and that’s the way we like it!




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