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The Bachelorette Weekend Recap: destination Nashville

31 Jul

OHHHHHH my gosh, I am SO exhausted. But in the BEST way possible. I left last Thursday after work to head to Ohio, in order to drive another 6 hours with 3 of my girlfriends to Nashville. For my bachelorette party!!!! And man-o-live! was it a fantastic weekend!

There were 8 of us that went and we just had a ball. They majority of us went to school together or have been hanging out for 5 or 6 years by now, on the steady. My maid of honor, along with my ambassador of all things chic, put together a 3 page itinerary for the trip. It was awesome. We dined at the Whiskey Kitchen ( which was fantastic (they can make a meeeean Manhattan!) and hung out at the Patterson House. I say “hung out” because we never actually made it inside. It was pretty comical because we waited for about 2 hours, following the hostess’ recommendation to go to another bar, have a drink and come back and we’ll be ready for you… lies! And just about every group that left the establishment was ANGRY upon their departure and seriously by that time, I decided I was too old to wait another minute so we made our way back to the hotel and crashed. (Which in hindsight was a GREAT idea because I am known for partying way too much on the first and then being a dud on the next night. Worked out perfect.)

The next morning the last 2 ladies of the group arrived and we made our first stop of the day at Thirdman Records ( where I got MBM some new vinyl Seasick Steve to be exact. It was a cool, little nook of a record store that smelled… a little awful and a little wonderful. Check it out for yourself sometime. Then we went to brunch at Marché ( which was as adorable and it was delicious. I had the breakfast Sloppy Joe and I’m still thinking about it. Oh yeah, the girls all got me something lacy and racy to open during brunch… needless to say, it was fun!

Next up, the Babe Beauty Bar ( Seriously, it is my new favorite place. OH, how I wish they had one in DC. I’d be there like very weekend. Sidenote: I am a 32 yr old woman who wears little to no make-up. I like make-up, I like the idea of make-up, I am just not skilled at applying said make-up and always end up looking like a raccoon or a clown. SO, when it was my turn to sit in the chair, I was pumped. I did a smokey eye and a neutral lip. The sweet and talented lady that did my new, glamorous look told me that she has also done TAYLOR SWIFT’s make-up!!! I felt like a movie star. I mean, I never knew how good looking I was til that very moment. And that was before my hair was done! I also got some false lashes… talk about a transformation! I looked good. I can’t help it. All my friends were in shock and they were joking that they created a monster.FAB.U.LOUS. I also got my hair blown out. I mean, well, just check out the photo.

Ok, so by this time it is like 3 or 4 and we are all getting tired so we split up and some went to listen to music, some went to a denim bar and I was in the group that went back to the hotel and laid around for a little and then we went boot shopping.

We had dinner at Sambuca ( and enjoyed some live music too. There were many photos and toasts and jokes going around the table… a maybe a shot glass or too. Afterward, we were Broadway bound. (Broadway is the main strip in Nashville, you know, where all the crazy happens.) It was a night FULL of music, dancing, drinking, surprises and antics. I am so so so lucky to have such an incredible group of friends. It was everything I could have asked for.

We got back to Columbus Sunday evening and I was able to hang out with my parents and even go to lunch with my mom on her birthday, which was yesterday. It was lovely. And I cried all the way out of town, from 270 to 70. I always hate leaving. But the trip back to VA was easy and I was so happy to be at my house, with my man and my dog. Wonderful trip and now, time to get lots of sleep, eat lots of veggies and fruit, drink lots of water (after eating McDonald’s for waaay too many meals on the road!) and kick it into high gear with wedding stuff… invitations go out this week!!! Woohoo!!! Less than two months!

Have a fabulous Tuesday afternoon, ya’ll!






The other dog. OR Morning Cardio.

24 Jul

MBM and I are watching the dog of a friend while he is out of town. Slimmie and Moose are roughly the same-ish in age and in build and they get along great. For about a day. And then Slim can’t take it anymore. You can see it all over his little doggie face. He looks at us, like, “Really. What the f, you guys? Thanks. Thanks for this.” And then hides under the covers in our bed. (Last night, MBM was in bed reading and I was calling for Slim to say goodnight to him and MBM was like “He’s right here. In bed.” He looked like a middle sized grey lump and I didn’t see him. So I got in bed and the three of us were snuggling and having a meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society when Moose started coming up the stairs. The look of “OHNOIhopehedoesn’tfindmeinhere” on Slim’s face was hilarious.) I love Moose but he is still a puppy and would totally be Amy Poehler’s character Kaitlin, who is always screaming, “Rick! Rick! RIIIICK!”!watch/19279

Anyway, I love Moose. I do. He is the sweetest. He just wants to lay on you and be loved. And he’s so pumped to do anything, ESPECIALLY when that involves you and getting to lay on you and be loved by you. And the only thing he loves MORE than all that is running away from you.



Cut to this morning…
I don’t walk Slim on a leash because we live in the country and he is a perfect gentleman. Seriously, he is a saint. So, I open the door and Moose needs, HAS, to be the first one out the door and usually knocks Slim out of the way to get it done. (Cue Slim looking back at me with the, “I effing hate this” ‘tude on his face.) They are pretty good when they are in the yard but I put Moose on his leash and we start off for the walk. Keep in mind, I have my glasses on, a ratty tshirt and sweats and my grass mowing shoes on, and I’m holding a travel mug of coffee and I have my iphone- I need to get a watch so I can leave that sucker at home. Ok, so things are good, we have walked almost to the end of the road and Moose has been so good so I decide, Lord knows why, to let him off the leash. Things are GREAT. For about 6 seconds and then he takes off. But he does something that Slim would NEVER even THINK of doing and I was SO shocked by it, I didn’t even know how to react. He ran under the cattle fence, into the pasture, like he was a bank robber who was gettin’ away with the loot. I hollered, yelled, and screamed his name and nothing. Nothing at all. So what’s girl to do? (Slim, meanwhile is just freaking loving this.) I climb over the barbed wire and hop the fence and take OFF. Dodging cow pies the whole way. I swear, at the rate I was screaming at this dog, my neighbor’s probably thought I was being murdered. (I will have to apologize if I see them.) I finally catch him, just to have him take off RIGHT before I can get the leash on him. So, ok, and I am PISSED at this point. I go back over to my phone, coffee and Slim (who is PUMPED!! But never once tried to get into the pasture where we were. See. Perfect gentleman.) and decide not to give up and eventually I catch Moose, tie him to the fence, climbed over the fence and barbed wire, but not without getting shocked by the electric wire along the bottom of said fence first and we made it back home.

This is the most awake I have been at work in LOOOONG time.

And, p.s., because I was so frazzled after all this, I left thawed, raw chicken on the kitchen counter. Who thinks I’ll be going home to sick dogs? Somebody, help meh!!!

Slim, looking annoyed.


t.v. Tuesday

23 Jul

I watch t.v. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes not. But usually, a lot. I am an only child and so when I was growing up and home alone in the summers or what have you, I liked to have the noise of the t.v. playing in the empty house. I wouldn’t necessarily WATCH it all the time, but just to have the noise was nice. I did that in my 20’s too, when I lived alone. I’d turn the boob tube on when I was cleaning or whatever. Background noise, you know. I also like to nap to the t.v. ONLY nap. We do not have a t.v. in our bedroom. Acutally, in my 32 years on the planet, I’ve only had a t.v. in my bedroom for 3 years. Weird huh? (this is where it gets REALLY weird though… I will search and SEARCH until I find something on that I would watch if I wasn’t napping. And then and only then will I promptly roll over into the couch, face in cushion, and nap. I know, I can’t help it.)

And this leads me to the shows that I am currently enjoying or that or in serious rotation at our house.

Madmen- duh. I’d watch Jon Hamm dig a ditch. Meow.

The Killing- the first two seasons were so darn good. It was one of those series we didn’t discover til it was on Netflix but then we watched them backtobacktobacktoback. So good. The third season just started, well, about a month ago. We are stockpiling them so we can continue to tradition of backtoback.

Luther- Luther is a KICK-ASS show brought to you by the brilliant people at BBC. It does not disappoint. Plus I am a sucker for a black man with an English accent. Smoking hot. (Idris, I love you. Plus, how sweet is that name? Idris Elba. Say it with me, IDRISSSSS ELLLLBA. Smooth operator.)

Workaholics- because it’s too ridiculous and hilarious to not watch. I mean, my favorite episode is when they sleep at work, take shrooms, get super stoned and then take company t-shirts and stapled him into diapers that they wear. What? yeah, hilarious.

Family Tree- because I loooove Chris O’Dowd. (You may remember him as the adorable cop in Bridesmaids.) And his sister on the show has a talking beaver puppet. She’s in her 30’s. And Ed Begely Jr. is a riot. It’s a good one for sure.

Newroom- You know, Aaron Sorkin. What can I say? Sure, it’s super liberal and kinda crazy but the writing and character development I love. And Emily Mortimer. She is such a lovely creature and she’s so fun to watch. Olivia Munn is pretty good too. (AND I love the guy that plays Jim. He reminds me of Jim Halpert. Except sometimes I wish he would really grow a pair and ask Maggie out. Or sleep with her already, for her sake and his. You’ll see what I mean if you watch it.)

I also live for the Walking Dead, Scandal, Grey’s (yes, still. I know, but so much happened last season. And I’m SO overly invested. I have no choice.), and sadly the Real Housewives of any and all places. Minus Miami. Guilty. I’m guilty of loving those shows. Now you know my horrible guilty pleasure secrets.

Weekend Repaso

22 Jul

Oh. Hey there, Monday, you dirty bird, you. Back again for more, I see. Fine. Have it your way.

Well, the weekend was… In a word: crazy. I feel like whenever I go home to Ohio, as soon as I get to the Gallia county or Franklin county city limits, somewhere over my head, Maurice Sendak should announce, “Let the WILD RUMPUS start!!!!!” Because, honestly, that’s what it feels like. A wild rumpus.

I was a given a LOVELY and completely wonderful bridal shower by two of my favorite ladies. And it was the most. I felt so loved and honored by all the ladies that made the effort to drive in for the shower. It just made me well up with good, mushy, lovey feelings. Yes, I cried. (Seriously, I turned 30 and I just cry at anything.)

After that, I got to hang out with the hosts and a few other ladies by the pool. It was just what I needed.

Then MBM showed up and we met my mom out at the wedding venue for a last minute meeting with the owner. She is a peach and I don’t know WHAT shape this wedding would be in without her. It was also the very first time MBM had seen the place where we are exchanging vows. He loved it! Yay!

Sunday, we had the Evans reunion and I was nominated to be secretary for the upcoming year. I accepted. Oh, yay!! More things to do! No, but really, I’m honored to have been nominated and happy to accept.

Now, it’s Monday and back to normal pace. Here are a few pics from MBM from the county.

Rock on, dudes. Let’s crush this day.




So listen…

19 Jul

… the work day is half over! Yay! And that means we leave for Ohio in T-minus 5 hours. We have lived in Virginia for 1 year, 1 month and 19 days and we have made the trip home to Ohio (Columbus, Mason, Gallia county) 6 times. When we lived in Reston, it took 8 to 9 hours and it was a beyotch. Ugh. Once, we were an hour away from our final destination and we could NOT keep our eyes open so we had to stop at a truck stop for a disco nap. It was ridiculous. Mountain Bike Man and Slim in the back seat, snuggled up and me in the passeneger seat, reclined. Less than comfortable, ya know what I mean? And once, we got snowed off the road and had to stay over night near Cheat Lake, WV. (Thank goodness we have dear friends that we could crash with!) So anyway, the drive was a real stinker, but now that we live in Winchester, the drive is about 6 hours and much, MUCH easier. And this will be our 3rd trip home in 2 months. Cray.

Which leads me to my next topic… what to do to pass the time in car. Music, DUH. Fo’ sho’. And lemme tell you, MBM and I have very, VERY different tastes in music. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy whatever the other chooses to play because most of the time we do. Expect when we don’t. For example, two of my biggest guilty pleasures are some B. Spears and some 2 Short but I wouldn’t make him listen to that. (I know, I’m a nice girl.) He, on the other hand, has, ahem, allowed me to *enjoy* some, shall we say, interesting musical stylings of his choosing. I put together a list of the music that I love, curtesy of MBM. (p.s. I love a list. I really do.)

Todd Snider! I have even had the pleasure of going to a few Todd shows and man! that boy good! He is just such a great storyteller and so damn fun. He makes you happy. And makes you want to drink beer. Try “Play a Train Song”, “Enjoy Yourself”, “Stuck on the Corner”, “I Can’t Complain”, “Hey Hey” and “Tension”. And “I think I’m an Alright Guy.” Oh, there’s too many to name.

Rod Picott. He sings a song called “Angels and Acrobats” and it is so simple and sweet. It makes me smile whenever I sing it. It’s the way I feel about MBM and it’s probably the song we will dance our first dance to at our wedding.

Graham Weber. He’s just awesome. Try “End of the Fall”, “After the Boulevard” and “Candle’s so close”. Check him out.

Hayes Carll. Try “Drunken Poet’s Dream”. So good. And “Beaumont”. Such a sad, beautiful little song.

Micah Schnabel. He used to play in a band call Two-Cow Garage around Columbus but his solo stuff is great.

And Tim Easton. Oh, Tim Easton. MBM made me a playlist early on in our dating days and Tim Easton was on there. His song “Next to You” is a favorite of mine.

John Prine. OHHHHHH, John Prine. He is SO. GOOD. Plus he has one of those names that sounds so good when you say the whole thing. John Prine. John Prine. Oh, John Prine. See what I mean?!? I have had the pleasure of seeing him live and in the flesh a few times and he never disappoints. Talk about a GREAT storyteller. Sheesh. What a life that guy has had. Try “Illegal Smile”, “The Glory of True Love”, “Inspite of Ourselves” and “The Bottomless Lake.” Oh, and of course, “Spanish Pipedream”.

There are a few others worth mentioning: Townes Van Zandt, Dave Von Ronk, Little Willie John and Little Milton. Those last two “Little’s”, whoa. Nothing little about them. Try “Need Your Love So Bad” and “Grits Ain’t Groceries”. If I was Rachel Zoe, this would be where I would say, “I. die.”

And when we get sick of all that, well, there’s always Weezer. The Blue Album. Still a kick ass record almost 20 years later.

Aaaaand “Dad is Fat” by Jim Gaffigan. Because he’s the funniest. Hot Pocket.

Have a great weekend and stay cool out there. It’s gonna be a hot one, folks!


Today, tomorrow, this weekend

18 Jul


Today: slogging thru the rest of work day and then packing! Mountain Bike Man has to work way late tonight so I can eat cheese and fruit and salami for dinner. If I want. Which I do.

Also, these little blue beauties were awake this morning when Slim and I went out for our morning walk. Not a bad thing to see first thing in the a.m.!

Tomorrow: work. Again. I ask you, HOW is this week not over?! Ugh. Then we are off to Ohio! I am excited but its a loooong way to go for a day and a half. But we do get to see some family and a bridal shower is being thrown for me so I’m pretty pumped for that.

This weekend: is gonna be full of fun, pool time, guns a-blazing (trap shooting mostly, I believe!), good food and wedding prep! Bring. It. I’m ready!

love stories.

17 Jul

As I sit here, thinking about the one thousand things I need to do for the wedding, for life, for me, I can’t help but think about love. And marriage. And commitment. I need to send out invitations. I need to get my dress altered. I am going out of town for the next 2 weekends and I am unbelievably stressed out about getting all that done, plus, you know, apply to graduate programs, look for a new job, pay bills, make dinner, water the garden, and so on and so forth.

Aside from all THAT, the dude and I did make time last night to hang out with our neighbors. Oh, we LOVE our neighbors! One couple is in their 70’s and living. it. up. And the other couple is in their 40 or 50’s and are always going full steam. Last night, the conversation turned to, gasp! shock!, our wedding. Sue (the hot to trot 70 yr. old) was telling us all about their wedding some 50 years ago- 600 people! no booze!- and she said that it wasn’t them at all and now when she thinks back on that day, she just can’t believe how MUCH it wasn’t them. I feel like the dude and I have really been focused on making the wedding feel like us. You know what I mean… I hope that when people wake up the day after our wedding, they say something like, “I canNOT remember what happened last night, but it sure was FUN!”

All this talking and thinking about love and marriage, got me thinking about the people in my life and how they met and fell in love. My Grandparents* met in the 40’s and lived about an hour away from each other. My grandpa would hitchhike, yes, that’s right, the hour to my grandma just to take a WALK with her! And then hitchhike the hour back home. That’s how in love they were… there was no money for a car, or gas but by God, he was going to get to her one way or another. They were married until his death in 2007. 67 years. SIX.TEE. SEV.EN YEARS. Let that soak in for a minute. If the dude and I make it that long, I will be 99 years old. And he would be 101!


My parents met through friends. My dad was less than romantic. Smooth. Charming. And yet, and YET! he and my mom have been married for 33 years. My dad was reading the newspaper when my mother introduced herself. He was holding said paper in a way which you wouldn’t have been able to see his face unless he lowered it. Well, after my mom’s introduction, my dad just barely lowered the paper, to acknowledge her, and then grunted at her. RUDE. SO rude. For some reason, she said yes when he asked her out but he didn’t really up his game any. In fact, his first compliment to her was that she had “really big teeth”!! I mean, dang, dad! See, just goes to show you that there is a lid for every pot because how many women do you know would continue to see this guy after he whispered those oh-so-sweet nothing’s in her ear?!


Then there’s the dude and I. We met some 69 years after my grandparents. On the internets. Via After our first date (which lasted 5 hours! We talked about everything from child soldiers in Somalia to Mike Tyson!), we were pretty much inseparable. It is so good, so reassuring, to linger on those memories especially when things get tough. I am so excited to celebrate, what so many before us have done, this new life together.

September 28th, I’ll see you in 72 days. I’ll be the one wearing white.