happy hour.

10 Jul




It is kinda hard for me to relax after a trip away from home because there is laundry to do, groceries to buy, stuff to put back where it belongs… just a lot of little things that need to be done. So, last night, before we started all THAT, we took a moment to see each other and relax. We try to always walk the Slim machine together after the Mr. get home from work. It has been so hot here in Vahjenyah (sound it out, real slow and Southern like) that we have been walking down to the creek so the pup can swim. And OH! Does that boy love him some water. (He knows a few words, like out, dinner, water AND, of course, swim.) He does this thing that we fondly call the “crazy run” where he gets so excited, he runs in huge circles, as fast as his little doggie legs will carry him and then heads toward you, full speed, mouth open, tongue out, like he’s coming straight for your knees and then, at the last possible second, veers out of the way and avoids a nasty head-knee accident. He is the happiest pencil-legged pup you’ve ever seen.

We just take our drinks and sit on the creek bank, watch Slim swim (say that 5 times fast!) and talk about our day. It really is lovely. And makes me so thankful and appreciative for moments like those.

p.s. the last pic is of the peppers and the tomatoes our little garden gave us while we were away! Yay, something grew!! I am planning on using them tonight by making chana masala and daal makhani for dinner. Indian food, what what!


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