love stories.

17 Jul

As I sit here, thinking about the one thousand things I need to do for the wedding, for life, for me, I can’t help but think about love. And marriage. And commitment. I need to send out invitations. I need to get my dress altered. I am going out of town for the next 2 weekends and I am unbelievably stressed out about getting all that done, plus, you know, apply to graduate programs, look for a new job, pay bills, make dinner, water the garden, and so on and so forth.

Aside from all THAT, the dude and I did make time last night to hang out with our neighbors. Oh, we LOVE our neighbors! One couple is in their 70’s and living. it. up. And the other couple is in their 40 or 50’s and are always going full steam. Last night, the conversation turned to, gasp! shock!, our wedding. Sue (the hot to trot 70 yr. old) was telling us all about their wedding some 50 years ago- 600 people! no booze!- and she said that it wasn’t them at all and now when she thinks back on that day, she just can’t believe how MUCH it wasn’t them. I feel like the dude and I have really been focused on making the wedding feel like us. You know what I mean… I hope that when people wake up the day after our wedding, they say something like, “I canNOT remember what happened last night, but it sure was FUN!”

All this talking and thinking about love and marriage, got me thinking about the people in my life and how they met and fell in love. My Grandparents* met in the 40’s and lived about an hour away from each other. My grandpa would hitchhike, yes, that’s right, the hour to my grandma just to take a WALK with her! And then hitchhike the hour back home. That’s how in love they were… there was no money for a car, or gas but by God, he was going to get to her one way or another. They were married until his death in 2007. 67 years. SIX.TEE. SEV.EN YEARS. Let that soak in for a minute. If the dude and I make it that long, I will be 99 years old. And he would be 101!


My parents met through friends. My dad was less than romantic. Smooth. Charming. And yet, and YET! he and my mom have been married for 33 years. My dad was reading the newspaper when my mother introduced herself. He was holding said paper in a way which you wouldn’t have been able to see his face unless he lowered it. Well, after my mom’s introduction, my dad just barely lowered the paper, to acknowledge her, and then grunted at her. RUDE. SO rude. For some reason, she said yes when he asked her out but he didn’t really up his game any. In fact, his first compliment to her was that she had “really big teeth”!! I mean, dang, dad! See, just goes to show you that there is a lid for every pot because how many women do you know would continue to see this guy after he whispered those oh-so-sweet nothing’s in her ear?!


Then there’s the dude and I. We met some 69 years after my grandparents. On the internets. Via After our first date (which lasted 5 hours! We talked about everything from child soldiers in Somalia to Mike Tyson!), we were pretty much inseparable. It is so good, so reassuring, to linger on those memories especially when things get tough. I am so excited to celebrate, what so many before us have done, this new life together.

September 28th, I’ll see you in 72 days. I’ll be the one wearing white.



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