So listen…

19 Jul

… the work day is half over! Yay! And that means we leave for Ohio in T-minus 5 hours. We have lived in Virginia for 1 year, 1 month and 19 days and we have made the trip home to Ohio (Columbus, Mason, Gallia county) 6 times. When we lived in Reston, it took 8 to 9 hours and it was a beyotch. Ugh. Once, we were an hour away from our final destination and we could NOT keep our eyes open so we had to stop at a truck stop for a disco nap. It was ridiculous. Mountain Bike Man and Slim in the back seat, snuggled up and me in the passeneger seat, reclined. Less than comfortable, ya know what I mean? And once, we got snowed off the road and had to stay over night near Cheat Lake, WV. (Thank goodness we have dear friends that we could crash with!) So anyway, the drive was a real stinker, but now that we live in Winchester, the drive is about 6 hours and much, MUCH easier. And this will be our 3rd trip home in 2 months. Cray.

Which leads me to my next topic… what to do to pass the time in car. Music, DUH. Fo’ sho’. And lemme tell you, MBM and I have very, VERY different tastes in music. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy whatever the other chooses to play because most of the time we do. Expect when we don’t. For example, two of my biggest guilty pleasures are some B. Spears and some 2 Short but I wouldn’t make him listen to that. (I know, I’m a nice girl.) He, on the other hand, has, ahem, allowed me to *enjoy* some, shall we say, interesting musical stylings of his choosing. I put together a list of the music that I love, curtesy of MBM. (p.s. I love a list. I really do.)

Todd Snider! I have even had the pleasure of going to a few Todd shows and man! that boy good! He is just such a great storyteller and so damn fun. He makes you happy. And makes you want to drink beer. Try “Play a Train Song”, “Enjoy Yourself”, “Stuck on the Corner”, “I Can’t Complain”, “Hey Hey” and “Tension”. And “I think I’m an Alright Guy.” Oh, there’s too many to name.

Rod Picott. He sings a song called “Angels and Acrobats” and it is so simple and sweet. It makes me smile whenever I sing it. It’s the way I feel about MBM and it’s probably the song we will dance our first dance to at our wedding.

Graham Weber. He’s just awesome. Try “End of the Fall”, “After the Boulevard” and “Candle’s so close”. Check him out.

Hayes Carll. Try “Drunken Poet’s Dream”. So good. And “Beaumont”. Such a sad, beautiful little song.

Micah Schnabel. He used to play in a band call Two-Cow Garage around Columbus but his solo stuff is great.

And Tim Easton. Oh, Tim Easton. MBM made me a playlist early on in our dating days and Tim Easton was on there. His song “Next to You” is a favorite of mine.

John Prine. OHHHHHH, John Prine. He is SO. GOOD. Plus he has one of those names that sounds so good when you say the whole thing. John Prine. John Prine. Oh, John Prine. See what I mean?!? I have had the pleasure of seeing him live and in the flesh a few times and he never disappoints. Talk about a GREAT storyteller. Sheesh. What a life that guy has had. Try “Illegal Smile”, “The Glory of True Love”, “Inspite of Ourselves” and “The Bottomless Lake.” Oh, and of course, “Spanish Pipedream”.

There are a few others worth mentioning: Townes Van Zandt, Dave Von Ronk, Little Willie John and Little Milton. Those last two “Little’s”, whoa. Nothing little about them. Try “Need Your Love So Bad” and “Grits Ain’t Groceries”. If I was Rachel Zoe, this would be where I would say, “I. die.”

And when we get sick of all that, well, there’s always Weezer. The Blue Album. Still a kick ass record almost 20 years later.

Aaaaand “Dad is Fat” by Jim Gaffigan. Because he’s the funniest. Hot Pocket.

Have a great weekend and stay cool out there. It’s gonna be a hot one, folks!


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