Weekend Repaso

22 Jul

Oh. Hey there, Monday, you dirty bird, you. Back again for more, I see. Fine. Have it your way.

Well, the weekend was… In a word: crazy. I feel like whenever I go home to Ohio, as soon as I get to the Gallia county or Franklin county city limits, somewhere over my head, Maurice Sendak should announce, “Let the WILD RUMPUS start!!!!!” Because, honestly, that’s what it feels like. A wild rumpus.

I was a given a LOVELY and completely wonderful bridal shower by two of my favorite ladies. And it was the most. I felt so loved and honored by all the ladies that made the effort to drive in for the shower. It just made me well up with good, mushy, lovey feelings. Yes, I cried. (Seriously, I turned 30 and I just cry at anything.)

After that, I got to hang out with the hosts and a few other ladies by the pool. It was just what I needed.

Then MBM showed up and we met my mom out at the wedding venue for a last minute meeting with the owner. She is a peach and I don’t know WHAT shape this wedding would be in without her. It was also the very first time MBM had seen the place where we are exchanging vows. He loved it! Yay!

Sunday, we had the Evans reunion and I was nominated to be secretary for the upcoming year. I accepted. Oh, yay!! More things to do! No, but really, I’m honored to have been nominated and happy to accept.

Now, it’s Monday and back to normal pace. Here are a few pics from MBM from the county.

Rock on, dudes. Let’s crush this day.





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