t.v. Tuesday

23 Jul

I watch t.v. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes not. But usually, a lot. I am an only child and so when I was growing up and home alone in the summers or what have you, I liked to have the noise of the t.v. playing in the empty house. I wouldn’t necessarily WATCH it all the time, but just to have the noise was nice. I did that in my 20’s too, when I lived alone. I’d turn the boob tube on when I was cleaning or whatever. Background noise, you know. I also like to nap to the t.v. ONLY nap. We do not have a t.v. in our bedroom. Acutally, in my 32 years on the planet, I’ve only had a t.v. in my bedroom for 3 years. Weird huh? (this is where it gets REALLY weird though… I will search and SEARCH until I find something on that I would watch if I wasn’t napping. And then and only then will I promptly roll over into the couch, face in cushion, and nap. I know, I can’t help it.)

And this leads me to the shows that I am currently enjoying or that or in serious rotation at our house.

Madmen- duh. I’d watch Jon Hamm dig a ditch. Meow.

The Killing- the first two seasons were so darn good. It was one of those series we didn’t discover til it was on Netflix but then we watched them backtobacktobacktoback. So good. The third season just started, well, about a month ago. We are stockpiling them so we can continue to tradition of backtoback.

Luther- Luther is a KICK-ASS show brought to you by the brilliant people at BBC. It does not disappoint. Plus I am a sucker for a black man with an English accent. Smoking hot. (Idris, I love you. Plus, how sweet is that name? Idris Elba. Say it with me, IDRISSSSS ELLLLBA. Smooth operator.)

Workaholics- because it’s too ridiculous and hilarious to not watch. I mean, my favorite episode is when they sleep at work, take shrooms, get super stoned and then take company t-shirts and stapled him into diapers that they wear. What? yeah, hilarious.

Family Tree- because I loooove Chris O’Dowd. (You may remember him as the adorable cop in Bridesmaids.) And his sister on the show has a talking beaver puppet. She’s in her 30’s. And Ed Begely Jr. is a riot. It’s a good one for sure.

Newroom- You know, Aaron Sorkin. What can I say? Sure, it’s super liberal and kinda crazy but the writing and character development I love. And Emily Mortimer. She is such a lovely creature and she’s so fun to watch. Olivia Munn is pretty good too. (AND I love the guy that plays Jim. He reminds me of Jim Halpert. Except sometimes I wish he would really grow a pair and ask Maggie out. Or sleep with her already, for her sake and his. You’ll see what I mean if you watch it.)

I also live for the Walking Dead, Scandal, Grey’s (yes, still. I know, but so much happened last season. And I’m SO overly invested. I have no choice.), and sadly the Real Housewives of any and all places. Minus Miami. Guilty. I’m guilty of loving those shows. Now you know my horrible guilty pleasure secrets.


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