The Bachelorette Weekend Recap: destination Nashville

31 Jul

OHHHHHH my gosh, I am SO exhausted. But in the BEST way possible. I left last Thursday after work to head to Ohio, in order to drive another 6 hours with 3 of my girlfriends to Nashville. For my bachelorette party!!!! And man-o-live! was it a fantastic weekend!

There were 8 of us that went and we just had a ball. They majority of us went to school together or have been hanging out for 5 or 6 years by now, on the steady. My maid of honor, along with my ambassador of all things chic, put together a 3 page itinerary for the trip. It was awesome. We dined at the Whiskey Kitchen ( which was fantastic (they can make a meeeean Manhattan!) and hung out at the Patterson House. I say “hung out” because we never actually made it inside. It was pretty comical because we waited for about 2 hours, following the hostess’ recommendation to go to another bar, have a drink and come back and we’ll be ready for you… lies! And just about every group that left the establishment was ANGRY upon their departure and seriously by that time, I decided I was too old to wait another minute so we made our way back to the hotel and crashed. (Which in hindsight was a GREAT idea because I am known for partying way too much on the first and then being a dud on the next night. Worked out perfect.)

The next morning the last 2 ladies of the group arrived and we made our first stop of the day at Thirdman Records ( where I got MBM some new vinyl Seasick Steve to be exact. It was a cool, little nook of a record store that smelled… a little awful and a little wonderful. Check it out for yourself sometime. Then we went to brunch at Marché ( which was as adorable and it was delicious. I had the breakfast Sloppy Joe and I’m still thinking about it. Oh yeah, the girls all got me something lacy and racy to open during brunch… needless to say, it was fun!

Next up, the Babe Beauty Bar ( Seriously, it is my new favorite place. OH, how I wish they had one in DC. I’d be there like very weekend. Sidenote: I am a 32 yr old woman who wears little to no make-up. I like make-up, I like the idea of make-up, I am just not skilled at applying said make-up and always end up looking like a raccoon or a clown. SO, when it was my turn to sit in the chair, I was pumped. I did a smokey eye and a neutral lip. The sweet and talented lady that did my new, glamorous look told me that she has also done TAYLOR SWIFT’s make-up!!! I felt like a movie star. I mean, I never knew how good looking I was til that very moment. And that was before my hair was done! I also got some false lashes… talk about a transformation! I looked good. I can’t help it. All my friends were in shock and they were joking that they created a monster.FAB.U.LOUS. I also got my hair blown out. I mean, well, just check out the photo.

Ok, so by this time it is like 3 or 4 and we are all getting tired so we split up and some went to listen to music, some went to a denim bar and I was in the group that went back to the hotel and laid around for a little and then we went boot shopping.

We had dinner at Sambuca ( and enjoyed some live music too. There were many photos and toasts and jokes going around the table… a maybe a shot glass or too. Afterward, we were Broadway bound. (Broadway is the main strip in Nashville, you know, where all the crazy happens.) It was a night FULL of music, dancing, drinking, surprises and antics. I am so so so lucky to have such an incredible group of friends. It was everything I could have asked for.

We got back to Columbus Sunday evening and I was able to hang out with my parents and even go to lunch with my mom on her birthday, which was yesterday. It was lovely. And I cried all the way out of town, from 270 to 70. I always hate leaving. But the trip back to VA was easy and I was so happy to be at my house, with my man and my dog. Wonderful trip and now, time to get lots of sleep, eat lots of veggies and fruit, drink lots of water (after eating McDonald’s for waaay too many meals on the road!) and kick it into high gear with wedding stuff… invitations go out this week!!! Woohoo!!! Less than two months!

Have a fabulous Tuesday afternoon, ya’ll!






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