Anatomy of a weekend

5 Aug

Oh, hey, there! Well, it’s Monday. AGAIN. Actually, you know what? It is really beautiful outside my office window, I’m talking perfect temperature, sunny, that perfect blue-You know the blue I’m talking about! -up in the sky, big fat Simpsons clouds… I can’t really complain. PLUS, the work day is half over, hurray!!

Lets get down to bidness… Weekends and things. Mine was swell. I went grocery shopping on Friday, after work, which was fantastic. I went to Aldi and Food Lion, I live for grocery shopping. i seriously really enjoy but more on that later. I checked out the Red Box before leaving the FL but decided nothing looked so I grabbed MBM a sixpack-o-
Star Hill Gratefuland headed for home. We ate a HUGE pizza from Aldi (we always add some extra Motz and tomatoes, red pepper flakes to give it a little more umpf) and watched Orange is the New Black. It is SO good… We actually finished the whole series on Saturday! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Unless maybe you are offended by naked ladies and prison.


Saturday, I had to work til about 3 which was ok. I took a different route home and got totally lost out in the country but it was beautiful and I didn’t mind. We didn’t really do anything else- oh that’s a lie! I started addressing the wedding invitations and finished 23 thank you cards! (Only 12 more to go, woof!) And watched “OITNB” as we like to call it. Oh! And I did download “Portraits” by the Wheeler Brothers. It’s pretty rad.


Sunday, we woke up and made pancakes, bacon and some good ole coffee. We spent lots of time outside, sunning with Slim, which he loved!


20130805-153658.jpg Yeah, I saw that leeeetle tiny spiderweb in the grass, near the driveway. It’s nice to notice the details that Mother Nature displays.

The day ended with a trip to David’s Bridal for me! I went to get my dress allllterrred!!! I haven’t had that bad boy one since I bought it in October and man! I IMMEDIATELY felt beautiful, happy, giddy and just plain good as soon as I slipped it on. I realized then that we could run out of food or booze, it could rain, the cake could fall over and I wouldn’t even care. BECAUSE I am so completely and totally in love with this guy that I’m gonna spend my life with and I look good in mah dress! No matter what, I’m gonna have a great time!

Pretty solid weekend- hope yours was too.

daily grats: a full 7.5 hours of sleep & sweet little ladies who made my day, doing my alterations.


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