Time for a book breakdown

9 Aug

One thousand white women by Jim Fergus.


This is the story of May Dodd aka Mesoke or Swallow as told thru her journals in the 1800’s and ending in the early 1900’s. She was born into a wealthy Chicago family and was committed against her will to an insane asylum. She didn’t live her life up to the moral code that her family thought she should, i.e. she lived with a man and had two children with him out of wedlock. Her passion to make her own choices about the way she lived her life landed her in an institution with other women, some with mental illness and some just like herself.

During this time, the United States government made an “agreement” with the Cheyenne Indians… The agreement was this: if the government provided 1000 white women to the Cheyenne, the tribe would in turn provide the government with 1000 horses and thus the “Brides for Indians” campaign was born.

Ok, so May, along with some other characters, volunteer for the program because they see it as their only way out… Out of the mental institution, out of jail, out of a life of discrimination, etc.

I don’t want to give too much away but it is a good read and the relationships that form between the white women and their husbands and their husbands other wives is… Awe inspiring. They could only communicate by body language in the beginning and the bonds they formed really changed the women. There are births and deaths and drama… It’s pretty good.

Now, with that being said, it was not a book that I was DYING to read every night. I could put it down for days at a time and be fine with that.

I’d give it like a 2.5/3 stars rating.

Next up: A Lesson Before Dying


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