Anatomy of a weekend

13 Aug

Tuesday. Oh, Tuesday, I’m so glad you are not Monday! Although Monday, you weren’t so bad yesterday… I made fried chicken last night for the first time! It turned out ok. Next time though, I think I’ll use the Dutch oven because it’s deeper than the skillet.


I digress, let’s get back to the weekend.
Friday, because let’s keep it real, that’s when the weekend starts. Friday. 5 pm. I was driving home and something underneath my car rusted and fell off so that was exciting. Once I got home, we got back into the car (MBM’s) and went “into town” to pick up a chair MBM bought from an auction. It, uh, it’s a chair alright. It’s brown leather that has, shall we say, a lot of patina. He wants to keep it on the front porch and I said, “NO! We are not in college!” And then I said, “if you do keep it on the front porch, I’ll do something collegiate and set it on fire.” It’s still on the front porch as we speak. We got some Chipotle- the first time in MONTHS!! And started season 2 of Breaking Bad and which I am LOVING! Side note: everyone I come into contact with now, in my real life, if they are squirrelly in any way, I immediately think they are on meth. It’s not good.

Saturday, was suuuuper relaxed. We watched um, I dunno, 10 hours of t.v. or something. It was rainy and gross and we worked hard on the invitations last week. We earned that laziness! BUT then at 2 pm, the sun broke thru and we went outside and worked in the yard for about 2 hours. It was sorta glorious actually. And the front yard is starting to look bettah!

Sunday, we did a crazy thing. We went to church. We have never been to church together. Ever. Not on Easter. Not on Christmas. Never. We went to the little Methodist church down the road from us and… We really liked it! There’s just something about going to church that sets the tone for the day. It was a welcome change of pace of both of us.

Then more yard work, a get together at MBM’s boss’ new house in Purcelville and more Breaking Bad. Pretty nice little weekend if I do say so myself.

Daily Gratitude : patience and meeting new folks.


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