Uh, anatomy of the past week. Whups.

19 Aug

Soooo, I’ve just been busy. Starting last week, and allll thru the weekend, I’ve been:

-looking for a new job
-mowing our 3.5 acres
-watching a LOT of Breaking Bad
-cleaning the house (or uh, unpacking. Still. I know. I am ashamed.)
-Grocery shopping
-listening to this song like 17 times in a row. For reals.
-buyin these cuuuuute tables to use as nightstands. And they were on sale!!
-playing hostess to my grandparents and parents

-eating delicious food that I made mah own self

-checking out the public library


-hashing out wedding deets with my moms
-and practicing patience. LOTS and LOTS of patience.

And I am exhausted. The wedding is in like 40 days( !!!!!) and I am stressed. Just because its in Ohio and I’m not there and money is tight and I’m unhappy with my job and MBM and I are a little tense. Whew. I needed to write all that down. I feel… A tad bit better. Thanks, internets!


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