T.V. Tuesday

20 Aug

I feel like I sound like a broken record but…

Breaking-Bad1 image

You GUYS! I canNOT get enough of this show. We were up til like 12:30 am last night because we had a serious case of the “just one more”‘s. We finished season 4 and now we are on to season 5. HOWEVER, MBM has a board meeting tonight and won’t be home til 9. 9PM. What am I gonna do without Breaking Bad?!?! Luckily, I have an episode of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” to catch up on. Thank goodness. And I can’t watch the Real Housewives of ANYwhere when MBM is home because he hates it so. (Him:”Why do you watch that? All they do is scream at each other and fight.” Me:”Because it makes me happy.” I KNOW. I’m a sick and demented sort.)

ok, so in last night’s last episode of Breaking Bad, some pretty important characters got the axe and I seriously don’t know WHAT the 5th season is gonna bring on… but I am pumped to find out.

Sidebar: I was also thinking of watching some “My So-Called Life”. I could use some Angela Chase in my life. Plus, the soundtrack. Buffalo Tom? Yes, please. And now I have just realized that maybe I watch waaaay tooooo much t.v.

Daily Gratitude: patience and perseverance. And funny songs that MBM sings about Slim.


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