Job within a job Or getting paid to look at the internets

21 Aug

I have come across some inneresting things on the world wide web (remember when we called it that!) while *ahem* working. They are as follows:

The top 100 websites for women according to
I haven’t made it all the way thru the list but I’m sure it will give me a 100 new things to look at on the internet. Hooray for busy work!

Pictures of abandon places. I swear, if I had any money, I would flip some of these places and restore them to their former glory. Nothing would please me more. I mean, look at this… and it’s in Detroit.

Heartbreak (former) inhabitants.

Heartbreak (former) inhabitants. is the best. I love it. There are always cool and random articles there that entertain me. For example:
Right? I mean, I have read some of those and there are some on there I’d still like to read but I would never in a million years remembered to add them onto my Goodreads app for future reference.

And just cuz I’m a recovering Pinterest addict… and because I totally made that banana bread last night. I ate some this morning for breakfast. Phenominal. I mean, really. I used coconut oil and I nixed the walnuts and it. is. to. die for.

Now, I gotta read Jenny Lawson’s book . Because she’s “like Mother Teresa only better” and who doesn’t need a little bit of that in their life.

Daily Grats: sunshine (and weather that feels like August… finally!) and MBM teaching me how to change the oil in my car. What, what?!?! Knowledge is power.


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