For the love of quotes.

23 Aug

I love all things word. I love language. (I majored in Spanish and I’ve taught English.) I love the origins and roots of words and languages. I love slang and the differences in dialect. And I love a cocktail. The combination of these two things I love gave birth to something that I am now known for: ladies and gents, I present to you…drumroll…the quote napkin.

The quote napkin is something that has been going on for about 8 years (what?!). This is how it goes down: after a few cocktails, people start to say some hilarious and off the wall and memorable things. But sometimes, because of the cocktails, you can’t remember those memorable things. Insert quote napkin. I start to write down these hilarious things and then you know, email them or text them or just, you know, casually bring them up in conversation the next day.

One of my oldest and dearest friends made this quote napkin collage for me… Please be forewarned that is are NOT 1) politically correct 2) appropriate and can be offensive! If you can even read them, that is.


So this has been going on a loooong time. For my bachelorette party a month ago, my MOH made quote napkins for everyone’s goody bags! It was perfect. They are pretty hilarious and fun to reread. If you can reread them that is… Sometimes the writing is um, fancier? Really cursive? Or just sloppy drunk.

Here is me in action writing the quote napkin (which does in fact usually take place on a napkin. It has been known to show up on a paper towel, or a receipt OR even my iPhone but only if I’m desperate.)

20130823-102000.jpg (Athens, Oh circa 2010. Or ’11)

20130823-102109.jpg (Columbus, Ohio circa 2009)

So, we are going home this weekend for CD 102.5 (it’ll ALWAYS be CD 101 for me!) Summerfest and I am SURE the quote napkin will come out. And I cant wait.

For your reading pleasure:

“What are you, into your own crotch now?”

“Jello shots are like a gateway drug.”

“Little Caesars is the Kmart of pizza.”

“I can’t taste the alcohol in here.”
“Well, it’s vodka. It’s a mild flavor.”

“I can get a retraining order against a ham sandwich.”

“I ordered a piña colada because I don’t feel like drinking.”

“I’m terrible at naming babies.”

“Everyone knows I’m just a gross old man with nose hair.”

You’re welcome.

daily grats: thankful for a car and gas to get us to OH-IO. Aaaaand for wonderful, hilarious friends that help make the quote napkin possible.


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