The weekend innards.

26 Aug

“If Monday had a face, I’d punch it.”

That’s accurate. I totally would. But only because the weekend was SO good! Or maybe just because Mindays are the worst. And now, I sorta feel bad for Monday. NObody likes a Monday. Or maybe it’s Sunday night that’s the worst. Do you ever think that maybe if you just don’t go to sleep Sunday night that Monday won’t come? Yeah, me either… And I’m totally not tired today because I stayed up all night.

Blah. Ok, the weekend. We went to *surprise* Ohio! (Side note: autocorrect wanted to change “Ohio” to “Phil”. Awkward.) We left Friday after work and made it to my parents house around 1130. We were totally gonna text some friends and see if anyone was out but then we were all 30 years old and decided not to. So instead I had a ton of potato chips and French onion dip and MBM checked his fantasy baseball stuff and did some recon for his fantasy football draft on Saturday. And we went to bed.

On Saturday, I got my hair did at 930 am. It looks great- I LOVE the color- buuut I think maybe she gave me one too many layers. It’ll grow out, I never stress about that. Then I went to Easton and returned some dupes of wedding presents we got and bought a wedding gift for a friend. I just love Crate & Barrel. Seriously. And it was the prefect day to go waste some time at Easton.

20130826-085414.jpg See? It’s a pretty great mall. And then, just for S and G’s, I went to mah favorite thrift store. At the end of the day, I ended up with:
A dress from express
A bra from Vicky’s
A t from J Crew (that I had wanted and wanted from like 3 years ago!! I found it thrifting- tags still on it!)
And 2 pairs of jeans

Nice little booty! I was pretty happy- my grand total was like $42 and some change. Not too bad!

Saturday night, MBM and I met a bunch of friends for the Summerfest concert which was pretty rad. We got J Roddy Walston and the business, Cold War Kids, Ra Ra Riot and Matt and Kim. And drank huge beers and ate some Mikey’s Late Night Slice. You know, in Cheezus we crust.


And yesterday we had an awesome breakfast at Katalina’s with sime really great friends. MBM and I both had the breakfast tacos. I HIGHLY recommend them. And then we got to see some babies. One was just born, like Friday. And the other has only been around like 3 weeks. Newbies!!! Both boys. And I want one. It’s funny because the mother of the Friday baby is one of my bridesmaids and the father of the other baby is one of MBM’s groomsmen.

We finally got on the road around 3. You know, I welcome the day that leaving Ohio doesn’t make give me a lump in my throat or break my heart. And the day that Virginia feels like home, well, that day can’t come soon enough. But I guess my home is really wherever MBM and Slim are… So maybe VA is already home. Maybe.


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