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The (more than) 5 on Friday

20 Sep

I read this over on the daybook and decided to copy it for my post today. Thanks, for starting it al!

Making: myself crazy over this wedding that is ONE WEEK AWAY!!
Cooking: with lots of fresh veggies
Drinking: H2o, baby.
Reading: just finished “everything is perfect when you’re a liar” and started “tigers in red weather”.
Wanting: more vacation time
Looking: for a new job
Playing: free cell
Wasting: energy stressing on things I can’t control
Sewing: nada
Wishing: for a stress free week before the nups
Enjoying: the sunshine and crisp fall air
Waiting: for Sept. 28th
Liking: a clean kitchen
Wondering: if MBM will ever not take off his work clothes and leave them in the living room
Loving: afternoon naps
Hoping: I don’t have to work ALL day tomorrow
Marveling: at how lucky I really am
Needing: patience, always
Smelling: fresh banana bread
Wearing: flip flops, for as long as I can
Following: thru
Noticing: the slight color change in the landscape
Knowing: my last name that I’ve had for over 30 years is gonna change
Thinking: getting a tune up for my car
Feeling: a-ok
Bookmarking: recipes, constantly
Opening: my ears to new music
Giggling: over the songs MBM sings to Slim


Single digits.

18 Sep

As of today, we have entered the land of single digits. 9 days to be exact. Hoooo, man. It is really coming up fast. Last night when MBM and I got home, we quickly changed into our dog walking gear and headed out the front door with the dog to get our walk on. And while we were walking, we started talking about what song we were going to dance our first dance to. We had picked Rod Picott’s Angels and Acrobats but now maybe we want something different? And by we, I mean MBM. He bought the new Over the Rhine album, Meet Me at the Edge of the World and wanted to play “Earthbound Love Song” for me. Let me first say, I adore OTR. I love her voice, their lyrics, everything. And this song is beautiful. Sad but oh so beautiful. HOWEVER, the first line talks about being broken hearted. And then the chorus says, “Some questions cannot be answered
Who’s gonna bury who…”
A bit of a downer for a first dance at a wedding BUT THEN! They bring you back in with joy by ending the chorus with…”we need a love like Johnny and June.” See. Beautiful.

I do love it but I don’t want it to be my first dance with my husband. Whoa. HUSBAND. That’s the first time I’ve written that. Weird.

So, I think we are going with Todd Snider’s “All that Matters”.

I mean, the lyrics! The lyrics are prefect. And so us.


All that Matters. Todd Snider.

I can’t dance but I feel like dancin’
Not with anyone, only you
You’re as true as love can be
You’re all that matters to me

You’re all that matters to me, all that matters
You’re all that matters to me
I don’t care if I know
Where we come from or where we’ll go
You’re all that matters to me

Out in the rain, lost as I was
I said,”you think it’ll ever stop”
You said,”it always does”
And you were right, look and see
You’re all that matters to me

You’re all that matters to me, all that matters
You’re all that matters to me
I don’t care if I know
Where we come from or where we’ll go
You’re all that matters to me

I hear that song, that song is our song
And so is the next song
I’m certain as I’m ever going to be
I don’t care about this crowd
Let ‘me laugh, I’m not proud
Nor am I afraid for anyone to see

You’re all that matters to me, all that matters
You’re all that matters to me
I don’t care if I know
Where we come from or where we’ll go
You’re all that matters to me

It’s perfect. Absolutely wonderful and perfect.

daily grats:
My mother for running around like crazy and gettin all this wedding stuff in order
and for good music.

Jive talkin’

17 Sep

So, MBM likes a song. A ditty. A jingle, if you will. And he is ALLways singing them. They are usually about Slim. Sometimes me. Sometimes random stuff.

He also doesn’t know a lot about pop culture or fashion which brings me to a new series… Jive Talkin’ with MBM.

Here we go…

MBM and I were walking thru the mall on Saturday and pasted a LensCrafters or someplace like it and he was like,”do you wanna get new glasses? You NEED new glasses. Bad.” And I was like,”I know but not today. I need to get my prescription updated and I already know what I’m going to get.”
MBM: “…..”
Me: “I’m gonna get something from Warby Parker.”
MBM: “yeah, you probably will get that because you haven’t had your eyes checked in 3 years.”
Me: “uh, Warby Parker is an online glassware vender… What did you think it was?”
MBM: “ohhhh. An eye disease.”

Thank you, Warby Parker for providing the inspiration for this story.

Anatomy of a weekend

16 Sep

Well, this past weekend was just splendid! It was full of perfect fall weather, farmers markets and football.

Friday, we just stayed in and hung out. Nothing awesome happened but we did work on wedding stuff.

Saturday, we went to the farmers market and got some apple cider. And we each had an awesome homemade doughnut.



Then we went in search of an amp for the wedding and came out empty handed but we did score a dress for one of the flower girls!

We rushed home to watch the Buckeyes at 12 pm… Only to find out they didn’t play til 7pm! We took the BEST nap ever. I seriously haven’t had a nap like that in YEARS! Then we watched the Bucks win over Cal.

Yesterday, we went to church and saw two baptisms. And then I went to target a scored a new Philip Lim bag!


Whoop whoop! I made salmon with spicy cucumber and pineapple salsa. It was very tasty.

Finally, we closed out Sunday night with Breaking Bad (holy CRAP!!!!) and Newsroom.

All in all, awesome little weekend.


BLC: ask E. Jean

13 Sep

I came across this article on Man Repeller and thought it was too good not to share. Who doesn’t LOVE E. Jean? Her advice is spot on and she is so chic to boot. I look forward to her column every month is ELLE.

Ladies, this one’s for you!

A decade gone

12 Sep

So today marks one decade since Johnny Cash’s death. I love Johnny Cash. I grew up listening to him and I just think his story is inspiring and tough and touching. And he was hella funny. And SO in love with his wife.

MBM and I are huge fans of the song “Jackson” and may be possibly planning a duet for our wedding.

I came across this little gem a few months ago and made myself a note to post it today… Enjoy Johnny’s to do list.

12 Years

11 Sep

12 years ago, I was 20 years old and a junior in college. I had already been to my 8 am Spanish class and was walking to my sorority house to spend an hour hanging out in between classes. I watched the second plane hit the tower. I knew someone who’s sister was on that plane. My uncle’s office at the Pentagon was hit (thankfully, he and my aunt were in Korea at the time). We never could have guessed this would have happened here, to us. I remember all the volunteers leaving their homes to help find others under the rubble that was the World Trade Center. I remember the pictures of the first responders and the flags they raised. I remember the photograph of Chaplin Father Mychal Judge, in the arms of NYFD members.

And 12 years later, I’m not sure the world is in a better place but I am hopeful. Hopeful for the future. Hopeful for peace and tolerance and faith.

Bear witness and never forget.