3 Sep

So, we aren’t taking a honey immediately following the wedding. This fact greatly disappoints me. For many reasons.
1). I WANT to take one. I WANT to go somewhere exotic and special with the person I just changed my last for. I WANT to fly on a plane, sitting next to him, full of excitement and anticipation of the adventures that lay ahead.
2). What if I get pregnant after the wedding? And then I can’t travel. And then we have a baby. And THEN we go on a honeymoon but its not the same because we are always calling home to check on said baby. Do you like how I’m all stressed about about this HUGE “what if”?
3). What if I get a new job and seriously have no vacation time? Not that I have any vacation time now…
4). What if we can’t ever afford it? I HATE that but we want to buy a house, so…


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