Fake steak and grease monkies

5 Sep

We have both been craving Philly cheese steak so last night, we decided to make that dream a reality. We went to the store, got the supplies, came home and went to work. MBM made everything and it was delicious. HOWEVER, he opted to use the, whet i like to call “fake or pseudo steak”. They are… interesting.

And kinda tasted like fish upon the first bite. He added some onion, green peps mushrooms and topped it with mayo, to juse it up and it helped. I ate the whole dang sandwich. Aaaaand some tots. aaaand some onion rings. And yes, felt pretty fat, happy and semi gross afterward. Success!


After some quality digestion, I learned how to change the oil in my car. And it was awesome. I really like learning, about anything. And anytime I have someone who is willing to show me or teach me the right way to do something, I’m game! My wonderful neighbor is a mechanic and a man who LIVES for a project. I see him just about every morning when Slim and I are taking our walk and yesterday was no different. I stopped to chat and ask if he was available to teach me and he said,”heck yeah.” (Side note: He calls Slim “Skinny”. Just cuz. It’s one of my favorite things.) So last night, after dinner and after the car had cooled down, I drove down to the garage behind the house for my tutorial. (MBM and Slim went too but they cut thru the yard and beat me.) I learned how to secure the ramps and drive up on them. You gotta be ready on the brake! Then we got under the car and got dirty. I learned the the oil is usually warm and that it’ll shoot outta there so, you need to make sure the drain pan is not directly underneath but back behind the oil in order to catch it. I also learned that my arms aren’t really long enough to reach the oil filter so… I got a leetle but of oil on my cheek getting that sucker off. Then you tighten everything back up and put the new oil in. Mission accomplished. I was feeling very proud of myself and offered to change MBM’s oil… For a small fee! Ha!






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