The 5

7 Sep

Five thoughts on Friday…

1. I’m off! And who doesn’t love a Friday off?! (Even if I hafta work tomorrow, being off on Friday is a-ok with me.)

2. I finished my book! Tinkers. I’ll be writing about that later this week…

3. I bought a second nightstand! That matches the first one! And a cute little gold dish to put on it… You know, to hold my earrings, etc.

4. I made this. And it was delicious!

5. We watched 42 last night and it was pretty solid. Jackie Robinson’s story is so inspiring. And Branch Rickey is now one of my personal heroes.

Hope your start to the weekend was as awesome as mine!

Oh yeah! I hardly looked at my phone all day which was so refreshing. Should try it more often!

Daily grats: clear, crisp, sunshine filled early fall days and great chats with good neighbors.


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