Anatomy of a weekend

9 Sep

Ohhhhkay. So the weekend was good, nothing crazy but a solid one none the less. Saturday, I worked. Blah. Until 2. Less blah. And then I ran to Target and grabbed a bed skirt for our bed. I am totally digging all this Threshold stuff! And our bedroom is really coming along quite nicely. I swear I’m gonna add some pics ASAP. Ok, yeah, Target… I bought some other too because you know, I spent like a hundo dollars. No prob. Then I went to Lowes and bought some new plants for mah tub! I like to feel like I’m soaking in a bubble bath in the jungle. What can I say? The plants were super cheap too. Bonus! And I went home and hung out with MBM and Slim. And I honestly have no idea what we did. I’m pretty sure it involved LOTS of college football tho.

Sunday, hung out. Made the program for the wedding. Got into a tiff about wedding crap. Blah. Got over it. Made a killah pork tenderloin with mashed taters and a spinach salad for dinner. And took the Slimmer to the park. See, pretty solid.

Oh yeah, and watched Breaking Bad of course! Um, it’s getting real crazy btw. Real crazy.

UPDATE: here are the night stands from target!




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