T.V. Tuesday

10 Sep

Ok you guys, new fall T.V. starts NEXT WEEK!!! I seriously cannot wait. I know, T.V. is terrible, mind rotting gar-baaaage but I adore it.

It’s like having a reunion with your college friends.

Or something.

Some of the shows I’m pumped for…
The New Girl. Jess and Nick and Schmidt and Winston and CeCe. YES, please! I love, love, love this show! Plus I totally identify with Nick- and we share a last name.

Grey’s. natch. I’m far too invested at this point to stop watching. I am fully prepared to laugh and cry… Sob thru this season. Bring it, Shonda.

Speaking of Shonda, Scandal is another one I’m super pumped for! I mean, WHAT is Olivia gonna get herself into this season? And Millie, you not very nice. And Fitz, you not really that nice either but I can’t wait to watch.

Revenge. Seriously. I can’t really remember what happened toward the end of the season but I love me some crazy Grayson-Thorne drama.

The League. Because its gross, hilarious and Kristen Cavallari is guest starring! I hope she says “Tah-Coe” like she said “Ste-ven” on the Hills!

Castle. Cheesy. Nathan Fillion. Ridiculous plot lines. And that’s enough for me.

The Walking Dead. Again with the emotional investing. PLUS! I love Daryl. And I wanna find out what in the heck is going on with Rick. And the blonde haired lady who totally shoulda killed whatshisface. So. Damn. Good.

Glee. I love to watch it by myself. So I can sing all the songs. And dance. It’s a great stress reliever.

Homeland. Except I still need to watch season 2. But man! Angela Chase Claire Danes plays a great crazy person.

The Mindy Project. I think this show is seriously funny. Mindy is great. Morgan is a wackado. Dr. Castellano is such a cute jerk like type and NOW James Franco and his squinty weed eyes on gonna be on… Count me in!

Uh, just in case your not counting, we are up to like 9 or 10 HOURS of t.v. And I’m not done.

Ok, so next up we have Parks and Rec. Leslie, Ron, and Ron’s arch enemy played by Sam Elliott aka the stranger in the Big Lebowski. Can. Not. Wait. I think Sam is dreamy. And that voice! And the sad, sad news that Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are leaving. Lit-trally cannot believe it.

Parenthood. Soooo emotionally invested. I mean with the cancer and the asperger’s and the in and out of love-ness, I’m addicted. Plus I love the theme song and have a dance I do to it. You can’t go wrong with Bob Dylan.

And bringing up the rear… Modern Family. Still a fav but last season wasn’t as great as some of the other past seasons. C’mon Phil! And Luke! Lets get serious.

And How I met Your Mother is the show I wish wasn’t on this list but after watching it for what feels like 9,000 years we just wanna know WHO IS YOUR MOTHER?!? I mean I’m so sick of Ted and Robin and Barney I can’t stand it. Every episode is the same but only sliiiightly different. Wrap it up, kids!

And some others I’m excited for:
Nashville- Connie Briton is the BEST. That hair.
Raising Hope- hilars.

High hopes for these newbies:
Brooklyn 9-9
Hello ladies.

Whew. That is all. I think. But I’m done writing about tv and now I’m going to watch some. Ellen, let’s dance!


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