Anatomy of a weekend

16 Sep

Well, this past weekend was just splendid! It was full of perfect fall weather, farmers markets and football.

Friday, we just stayed in and hung out. Nothing awesome happened but we did work on wedding stuff.

Saturday, we went to the farmers market and got some apple cider. And we each had an awesome homemade doughnut.



Then we went in search of an amp for the wedding and came out empty handed but we did score a dress for one of the flower girls!

We rushed home to watch the Buckeyes at 12 pm… Only to find out they didn’t play til 7pm! We took the BEST nap ever. I seriously haven’t had a nap like that in YEARS! Then we watched the Bucks win over Cal.

Yesterday, we went to church and saw two baptisms. And then I went to target a scored a new Philip Lim bag!


Whoop whoop! I made salmon with spicy cucumber and pineapple salsa. It was very tasty.

Finally, we closed out Sunday night with Breaking Bad (holy CRAP!!!!) and Newsroom.

All in all, awesome little weekend.



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