Jive talkin’

17 Sep

So, MBM likes a song. A ditty. A jingle, if you will. And he is ALLways singing them. They are usually about Slim. Sometimes me. Sometimes random stuff.

He also doesn’t know a lot about pop culture or fashion which brings me to a new series… Jive Talkin’ with MBM.

Here we go…

MBM and I were walking thru the mall on Saturday and pasted a LensCrafters or someplace like it and he was like,”do you wanna get new glasses? You NEED new glasses. Bad.” And I was like,”I know but not today. I need to get my prescription updated and I already know what I’m going to get.”
MBM: “…..”
Me: “I’m gonna get something from Warby Parker.”
MBM: “yeah, you probably will get that because you haven’t had your eyes checked in 3 years.”
Me: “uh, Warby Parker is an online glassware vender… What did you think it was?”
MBM: “ohhhh. An eye disease.”

Thank you, Warby Parker for providing the inspiration for this story.


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