The (more than) 5 on Friday

20 Sep

I read this over on the daybook and decided to copy it for my post today. Thanks, for starting it al!

Making: myself crazy over this wedding that is ONE WEEK AWAY!!
Cooking: with lots of fresh veggies
Drinking: H2o, baby.
Reading: just finished “everything is perfect when you’re a liar” and started “tigers in red weather”.
Wanting: more vacation time
Looking: for a new job
Playing: free cell
Wasting: energy stressing on things I can’t control
Sewing: nada
Wishing: for a stress free week before the nups
Enjoying: the sunshine and crisp fall air
Waiting: for Sept. 28th
Liking: a clean kitchen
Wondering: if MBM will ever not take off his work clothes and leave them in the living room
Loving: afternoon naps
Hoping: I don’t have to work ALL day tomorrow
Marveling: at how lucky I really am
Needing: patience, always
Smelling: fresh banana bread
Wearing: flip flops, for as long as I can
Following: thru
Noticing: the slight color change in the landscape
Knowing: my last name that I’ve had for over 30 years is gonna change
Thinking: getting a tune up for my car
Feeling: a-ok
Bookmarking: recipes, constantly
Opening: my ears to new music
Giggling: over the songs MBM sings to Slim


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