The Ms. Is Now a Mrs.

5 Oct

That’s right, MBM made an honest woman outta me last Saturday, September 28th, 2013. And what a glorious, wonderful, warm and memorable day it was.


But enough about that because I am sick and at work. To quote Liz Lemon, “Blerg.” Blerg is totally right. MBM has been sick for like 2 weeks. (So sick that he had about no voice the day of the wedding and no one but me could hear his vows. Which is actually kinda cute. Sorry, are you over all this joy I keep spewing? Too bad. It was one of the best days of my life!) SO. Now I’m sick. Complete with cough, runny nose and sore throat. Pretty sweet. AND it’s like 90 degrees outside! And my paycheck was waaaay messed up so I got like $3 in my direct deposit. What else? I think that’s it. OH WAIT! The stink bugs. The stink bugs are taking over the neighborhood. It gross. There was one on the bed this morning. Sick.

Other than that, the book I’m reading is good, I got to spend an extra day home from work (with MBM) this week and there’s a Buckeye game on tonight. And I going to reorganize the frig and put away some wedding presents. Don’t judge. I can get totally Monica Geller on some home organization/cleaning.

Aaaaand I saw this yesterday and had to stop and snap a photo. So I will leave you with this image for the fin de semana….


Daily Gratitude: tissues with aloe in them and sleeping with the windows open.


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