Anatomy of zee weekend

8 Oct

Can I just say how WONDERFUL it was to be home, in my house, with my HUSBAND (!!!) and my dog over the weekend… Because it was. It was lovely and glorious and relaxing and productive.

Saturday, I worked watched Bravo and E! Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, screw ’em! Isn’t that how that saying goes? I can’t remember. And then after that, I left around 3 and ran to Target. (It’s really becoming like a natural thing… Work on Saturday. Target directly after work on Saturday. I’m fine with it. But stop asking me if I want that dang Target card. Cuz I don’t. !!!) And I picked up a few random but necessary things, like soap for the kitchen and our bathroom and then I may have spent an obscene amount of money on Domino the magazine. Hey! I go to the library for my books, I can blow $12 on a rag if I want. And it was totally worth it.


(And I finished “tigers in red weather” and started “rules of civility”.)

And the Buckeyes won!! Just barely. But a win is a win so WTG kids!

Sunday was slow and lazy and delightful. We got up and I made waffles, from scratch, thank you very much. Evidence:


Then we went to church and had a laugh about fruitcake and shared with communion.

Then we went to *surprise!!* Target. And TJ Maxx. And Pier 1. To see if we could find a dinning room table. No such luck but we are not quitters, dang it! And we are a little cray-cray so we miiiight just build our own. Yes, that’s right. Stay tuned.

And then we lazed around and laid on a blanket in the yard, reading and enjoying the sunset. It was so peaceful and a splendid way to start the week.


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