October Goals

9 Oct

October, October, send Autumn over! The weather here in NOVA has finally dropped from 90 degrees to around 70 and man! It is soul cleansing and refreshing. And you know what goes hand in hand with soul cleansing and refreshing? That’s RIGHT! Goals, my friends, and not the kind you score on the pitch or the ice.

Goal #1: camping or a day trip to DC.
I have never lived so near a big city that is such a cultural hub and simply just not visited it because the driving is SUCH a drag. MBM and I said in the summer that we will venture into DC once a season and now we are in a new season so…

We also have been talking about camping in Dolly Sods wilderness and that’s something I’m really pumped about. We will prolly do this on Saturday, providing it doesn’t rain because ain’t nobody got time for camping in the rain.

Goal #2: to get some dang mums and decorative gourds! From the Farmer’s Market. Not Target. Not Lowe’s. but from the little guy.

Goal #3: start up with the ole workout routine. Again. And get MBM to do it too. Dang.

Goal #4: to not (?) go apple picking. EVERYBODY wants to go pick these apples. What is the deal with that? I mean, I’ll do it but I’d rather eat doughnuts and drink cider.

Goal #5: make a chicken potpie from scratch. And something pumpkin. I know, but pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing are SO. GOOD. Plus, I’m gonna start working out. See that? Full circle, friends. Full circle.

Goal #6: find a suitable dinning room table and bar cart. And buy them both! Ha.

Daily gratitude: the beginning if the changing of the leaves and a library card.


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