Book rewind

10 Oct

Tigers In Red Weather by Liza Klaussman (who, fyi, is Herman Melville’s great-great-great granddaughter!).

This was a good book. Like B. Solid B. Not great! Not terrible.

So the story starts in the late 40’s and has flash forwards into the 50’s and 60’s. It revolves around the Derringer Family and takes place mainly at the family estate,Tiger House, which was left to Nick Derringer (the wife) by her father.

Nick has a cousin, Helena, who is like a sister to her but Helena is troubled. She is a widow who remarried a man who prostitutes her out to Hollywood execs for his own gain and even though everyone in her life tells her to leave him, she can’t. But she does stay at Tiger House for a good long while and entertains the idea of divorce. She has a son, Ed, who is… different. Sort of like a creepy anthropologist. He is always saying he is studying people, you know, for his work. Buuut he tends to catch people doing um, well, things you don’t really want an audience for.

And then there is Hughes, the good looking but distant husband of Nick. He was a solider in WWII and is totally in love with another woman… A woman he hasn’t seen or heard from in decades.

And Nick. Lovely, unhappy Nick. She is so in love with Hughes. And she is so desperate to be someone who isn’t ordinary but she is trapped in her life because compared to everyone else living in her world, she is a seductive, mysterious and desired creature.

And then we have Daisy, the daughter if Nick and Hughes. Daisy is fair haired like her father but wants to be exotic like her mother.

The story is centered around an incident that Ed sees one evening that involves a prominent figure on the island (somewhere in NY, I think.) and a maid he is having an affair with… And one of the central locations during the story is a huge dinner party the Derringers host. And where Daisy falls in love with someone who betrays her in the worst way. And where her mother indulges and her father admits to past sins. All the while, it’s very Mad Men, what with the money and the booze and the sweat and the sex.

Ok, so read it. It’s good.


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