Anatomy of a weekend

14 Oct

It rain aaaalllllll weekend. It’s been raining for DAYS. I feel like I’m back in Ohio. But wait! What’s that?! I do believe the rain has paused and the sun is trying oh so hard to make its way front and center from those big ole grey clouds. So there’s that. And hopefully by Friday, it’ll be blue skies and sunshine! Fingers crossed.

Speaking of Friday, we stayed in. We got a pizza and some flicks from the Red Box and snuggled up with the dog and stayed the heck inside, away from the rain. I told MBM that the only way this date night could be cheaper is if it was ceral and t.v. And it was totally true.

Saturday, we went to a tag sale that the sweet little city of Purcellvile has this weekend, every year. It was, of course, raining but no matter! We put on our rain jackets and boots and headed east. We met up with some friends who live in Purcellvile and decided a little homemade limoncello was in order at 10 am. You know, to get the juices flowing. Or to help us stay warm. Or because we like a little buzz when we shop. But I digress, I was the only one who had never been to this event and I really wasn’t sure about what I was going to find. We randomly went into an antique store and found a dining room table!!! Which was the one thing we were really hoping to find! Aaaand a buffet too! Oh, lucky day! Both pieces are beautiful and we are SO pumped to finally have our house feel like a house. Where adults live and not squatters. It’s pretty cool. We have a dining room!!!



So to celebrate our victory over the hunt, we had lunch at Market Burger and then crossed the street and had a drink or two at the Catoctin Creek Distillery. I sampled the Colonel Langdon, the Manhattan and the Pumpkin gin fizz… And scored the recipe for all three!


Then we went home and napped. And moved furniture around.

Sunday, we got up and treated ourselves to breakfast at the Papermill Place. Have you ever had gravy, sausage gravy, on a pancake? Well, you should. I know it sounds ehhh, suspect but trust. It. Is. Game changing. Then we ran some errands. We got curtains. We got rugs. We got speakers. We got straws. For the bar. Duh. And then we went home and napped, watched football and waited for the new furniture to be delivered. And we also walked down to the neighbors for some grub and more football- it was the Skins and the Cowboys, ya’ll! And it was ugly. So ugly I went home early to snug with my Slimmer and watch the Real Housewives of NJ.

And that’s it. Pretty solid. Hope yours was just as swell!


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