Bad, bad blogger

28 Oct

I have been a bad blogger. I haven’t blogged a single thing for like 11 days or something terrible. Have I been busy? Meh. No busier than normal. Have a been sick? Nope. Have I been on vacation? Heck no. Did i lose my Internet connection? No way. There is no reason I haven’t blogged… Well, there is ONE. L-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S. that’s it. That’s all. And dang! That’s the only thing I’ve been lazy about. I’ve been cooking up a storm. Started to consistently work out again. Went on a few dates with the husband. Well, to quote Elton John, “the bitch is back!”

We were in Ohio-land over that weekend and it was grand. We went to a wedding in lovely Cuyahoga Falls. The marriage we were celebrating was between an old college friend of MBM’s and his veterinarian bride. It was an intimate affair, complete with good food, a great Best Man’s speech and a kick ass DJ. I mean, MBM and I were seriously cutting up the dance floor. It was a blast!
For the second time anywhere…

The falls.

We got home last night and begged the heck out. And watched the Walking Dead. And whoa. Carol. Girl. I knew it was you. And I ain’t mad atcha. I just wished it woulda worked.

And after a solid 8 hours of sleep, this Monday bidness is a-ok!


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