Book Rewind: Beautiful Ruins

30 Oct

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

Ok, guys, this book is like 3 stories rolled into one… Which I LOVE!

~First story~
Scene: Italia 1962, at Hotel Adequate View
Players: Pasquale (which is Italian for “Passover”. Who knew?!), Dee Moray, Pasquale’s crazy Aunt and his dying mama.
Also: throw in one Richard Burton, who is also in Italy filming “Cleopatra” and simultaneously falling in and out and back in love with one Liz Taylor.

Ok, so this beeeautiful American actress, Dee Moray, shows up in this teeny little place in on the coast of Italy. She was acting in “Cleopatra” but now she thinks she has stomach cancer and this is her final act. (See what I did there, clever, clever.)

~Story 2~
Scene: Hollywood, CA present day
Players: Michael Deane, an aging Hollywood producer and Claire Silver, his assistant who is dreaming of not being a slave to a creeper. And Shane Wheeler, a youngish man looking to pitch his movie idea and change his life.

Michael and Claire end up in a meeting, listening to Shane pour his heart out during his pitch and guess who walks in?! Pasquale!! Yep, the same Pasquale from 1962 Italy.

~Story 3~
Scene: CA 1960’s, UK early 1990’s (I think) and Idaho present day. And Italy too.
Players/Plot: A mix of the characters and how their lives played out. Here we are introduced Dee Moray’s son, Pat
Bender. But who is his father?!? And what do all these characters need from each other? How in the heck are they reunited? Or more importantly, why?

I liked this book a lot so i don’t want to give anything away! It was easy to read and kept me interested. I love, love, love an interconnected plot that bobs and weaves and joins lives and memories together. If that’s your thing, this is a book you should read.

And yes, I took that pic from my PC. I’ll do better next time, promise.


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