A few November goals and things that made up my week

1 Nov

Today is the first day of November and so I shall share my goals for this month…

Drumroll, please,

1. Draw up Thanksgiving Day plan of attack. We are hosting 5 people this year, plus the two of us, so I feel that a POA is definitely needed.

2. Take (and pass!!) the VCLA.

3. Finish getting my name changed. And a new license. And SSC. And so on and so forth, yadda yadda yadda.

4. Try 2 new recipes from Julia Child. Because she’s the queen and I wanna try and see if I, too, can be kitchen royalty.

5. Do the Turkey Day Challenge . Because it needs to happen. With or without MBM.

And 6. Start taking pics with a REAL camera.

Oh, and 7. Work on Christmas shopping!!!!!

And for things that made up my week…

1. Successfully scaring MBM on Halloween! I got him pretty good!


Yup! Fity cent corn dogs. I told you we were gonna do it. And the tots were reeeaal good.


Saving this turtle from certain death on a road near my house. I actually turned my car around and picked him up and moved the little guy. I was SO nervous for him.


Taking this guy on an evening stroll to the library. And checking out 2 new books.

And finally 5. Trying on the dress I’m wearing to a wedding this weekend and being super pumped that it still fits and makes me feel pretty!

Ok, kids, go forth and have an awesome Friday! And in the words of Ellen DeG, be kind to one another.


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