Anatomy of the weekend

6 Nov

Sorry this is a smidge late BUT I was really tired after back to back weekends in Ohio. Better late than never though, right?! Right. So, onward, to the post!

We were in Columbus, Ohio for the weekend. We got in around 945 pm. It wasn’t a bad drive except we stopped 3 TIMES! Three. Times. Terrible. Good thing we left around 315. Friday night we were planning to meet up with some friends at a decades party but then we got a severe case of the olds and decided to stay in.

Saturday morning, my parents took us to breakfast at Scrambler’s . It was very, very tasty. Then MBM and myself went to Easton, Crate and Barrel specifically. We returned some stuff, bought a wedding present and got ourselves a sweet gravy boat and a meat thermometer. Totally awesome. I mean, check out that gravy boat….

20131106-091022.jpg photo via

Then we went over to our friends the Deeds and watch the OSU “game”. I’m using quotes cuz, lets face it. That was not a game. At all. Poor Purdue. AND we got some Donatos pizza! The works with extra cheese. Oh man. So good.

Then it was time for some wedding fun! Sara and Eric had a truly beautiful wedding. It was a Catholic ceremony and the reception was held at the Columbus Athletic Club downtown. Sara was the most beautiful bride and Eric was a dashing groom. It was a great party and we wish them the best and lots and lots of love.




We crashed with our dear friends, Mreg, aka Greg and Meg in Saturday night and then the fearsome foursome went to breakfast. Listen, if you ever go to Columbus, do yourself a favor: GO TO SKILLET. Do not go past go. Do not collect $200. But DO go to Skillet. It’s a teeny tiny place in German Village but it. is. so. damn good! I had the most prefect apple French toast and MBM had the corn beef and tongue hash. I know, tongue. But lemme tell ya, if that’s what tongue tastes like, then I guess I like tongue. Cuz it was heavenly.

Then it was once again time for goodbyes. Wah. We went back to The Millers to say our goodbyes and collect Slim and the rest of our wedding presents. I seriously hate leaving but I don’t cry anymore so, progress!

On the drive home, we played a rousing game of “Name that baby!” for about 2 hours. Yes, it is exactly what you’re thinking… We throw out potential names for our unborn children and discuss them. It’s hilarious and fun and we love it.

And we made it home, inside, with the car unloaded, in time to watch the Walking Dead! Woo. Hoo.

See, does it make sense why I was tired? Hope your weekend was as bad ass as mine.


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