Dusk in the country

7 Nov

I took this picture last night around 530 pm. Slim and I were walking (after he calmed hisself down because he chased like 9 deer. Those dang deer.) down our road and with all the leaves falling, you can see the white bark of the Sycamore trees and I think it’s so beautiful. I was snapping photos and then I heard an owl. I kept scanning the trees for it but I couldn’t find it. Then all of a sudden, three owls took flight out of one of the sycamores!! They were huge and beautiful and slightly spooky. I mean, they scared me so much that I actually jumped. It was pretty awesome. Maybe one day I’ll be able to capture them on film but til then I’ll just enjoy my trees.

Daily gratitude: living away from city lights and weekly trips to the library.


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