Anatomy of a weekend

12 Nov

Welcome cold weather, sweaters, wool socks and double layering pants… Winter, she’s a coming!

It’s grey and cold and feeling pretty November-y and that’s a-ok with me. I just wish I was holed up in my house under 3 blankets, with MBM and Slim and a cuppa. But alas, I’m at work.

Ok, so the weekend. The weekend was quite good. We watched “The Way Way Back” on Friday and I really enjoyed it. I just love Sam Rockwell. And Maya Rudolph. I highly recommend that movie. Especially if you like those two. (It was pretty weird seeing Steve Carrell act like a jerk. Good acting, right there.)

Saturday I worked my obligatory 4, 4.5 hours. And I helped a customer figure out his new iPhone. It was pretty funny… I ended up recorded his voicemail message for him. Heehee!

After that, I went home and relaxed and watched football. And worked a puzzle! I love me a puzzle. Seriously. And MBM wanted to help and that was good. BUT he started doing all the “fun” pieces, i.e. the easy pieces. You know, the people, words, etc. and I got a little testy and told him that “you can’t do ALL the fun pieces and leave me to do the hard ones.” Yes, I realize NOW that that sounds a tad ridiculous but c’mon. Nobody wants to get stuck doing the sky. Anyway, we had so much fun doing the first puzzle that we did another one on Sunday. Both 1000 pieces. I don’t wanna say it but we are puzzle masters. Wicked weekend party-ers. Or we are old. Either way, it was NMF (no money fun) and we liked it.

Sunday, we went to church and had the opportunity to honor some of the Veterans in the congregation and that was really special. One gentleman was a pilot in WWII in North Africa. It was pretty awesome getting to be a part of something that humbling.

Then we just sorta hung out, watched more football (Bengals, what the hey?!) and ate meatball sandwiches.

Pretty good, if you ask me. Pretty good.


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