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31 Dec

It’s the very last day of 2013. And wow, 2013! You were QUITE the year! You started out swell, with a great group of friends in West Virginia and snow. Then I had a personal low, a valley if you will, around the middle of January. But I, we, rose up on a peak and rode it all the way into April, where I had a fabulous bridal shower, thrown by one of the best friends a girl could ask for! Then we stayed on our high and moved to the country. We left suburbia and settled on 3.5 acres, complete with a house and a garage! And some generous, kind and hilarious neighbors. (And a pretty terrible work situation for me. MBM has excelled at his job and i couldn’t be more proud!) In the summer, we battled giant insects and swam in the creek. We celebrated births and marriages and everything in between. We bought a lawnmower and I learned to change the oil in my car. Went to some concerts and took some road trips. We grew some plants and talked about chickens. Hosted some good friends at our new place and went tubing. To round out the fall, we got married!! And started our little married life together. Throughout the year, I perfected my skills in the kitchen and we hosted Thanksgiving. I took some tests to become a teacher and got offered a new job (that I accepted!!!) along the way. Then we stayed here in Virginia and had a sweet little “Vieux’s only” Christmas. And now. NOW it’s New Year’s Eve!! Bring it on 2014! I can’t wait to discover what you’ll be all about!!!



Happy holidays… Happy holidays…

24 Dec

Merry bells keep ringing, happy holidays to YOU!!

Love, the Vieuxs


Change gon’ come

17 Dec

I don’t know if you guys know this or not but nothing changes if nothing changes. And as I am typing this, I just got a voicemail about a job I applied for 2 months ago. Talk about change. Whoa.

But back to the lecture at hand…

I have really been thinking and meditating on that simple thought. It’s so true. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I have been struggling with some things in my personal and work life recently and although I did have a win last week (and man! Did I need a win…I passed the VCLA with a 552!) last night I felt a little beat up and like I wasn’t receiving the support I wanted. So, I just stopped and redirected myself, away from the anger and frustration I was feeling to a more calm and positive situation.

I went to the library. I got some books I’ve been waiting anxiously to read and a(nother!!!) study guide. (Because my love of standardized tests is insatiable. Sike. I have to take the Praxis II next. Joy.) And I took the long way there and the long way back. And I listened to Crystal Gale and some Christmas music. And I once I got home, I kept to myself… Putting away dishes, making my lunch for today… and then I watched my guilty pleasure, RHOBH. And loved every single minute of it. Then I read and went to bed.

This morning, I woke up 20 earlier and did some yoga with Rodney Yee
I drank some water with lemon and honey and started my day on the right foot.

Sam Cooke said, “change gon’ come” and I KNOW my change is happening… And it’s around the corner… And it’s what I was in the past. Change happens all the time. Everyday. But it does take time.

Book rewind

16 Dec

While I haven’t been blogging on the reg, I have been reading. A lot.

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve finished 2 books and started a 3rd.

The first was a dark and pretty gritty Italian novel called As God Commands. Think of it like this: if the Cohen Brothers ever wanted to adapt a dark, twisted and dirty novel that takes place in Italy, into a movie, THIS would be at the top of the list. There’s a skinhead with a young son. An alcoholic friend who is obsessed with his e wife and a dim witted sidekick who brings “Lenny” from Of Mice and Men to mind. The whole time I read the book, I felt dirty and cold. But it was a book I did like. It presented an in depth look at a group of people struggling with passion, addictions, rage and love.

The second book I read was Bad Monkey. It was a pretty funny novel, one with satirical notes and a colorful cast. In fact, the characters almost seemed like characachures of themselves. It is set in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. The story is about insurance fraud and murder. And a monkey. I don’t want to give too much away because its so twisted! And fun!

The third book, that I’m still reading, is The Cellist of Sarajevo. The book is fiction but during the siege of Sarajevo, there actually was a cellist named Vedran Smailovic who played his instrument regularly in the ruined building of the city. And that is enough of an inspiration to keep me reading.

P.S. I am fascinated with this point of history because I was alive when it was happening. And I knew very little about it. And that horrifies me. Angelina Jolie made a movie called In the Land of Blood and Honey and it is a stark and somber look into the lives of the people who endured and survived the Bosnian War. There is nothing happy or light about the film but it will touch you in a way you’d expect from a film about the Holocaust. Or genocide. And it happened only 20 years ago.


13 Dec

Tomorrow marks a year since the Newtown Connecticut school shootings. And today, almost a year to the day of that tragedy, another school shooting as taken place. When will we as a society realize with eyes wide open, THIS, this has become an epidemic. When will our children’s safety trump that of lenient gun control? How can we change the laws surrounding the right to bear arms? Or fix the mental healthcare system, a broken structure that is unfortunately so closely entwined with this problem.

As a person who is currently trying to become a teacher, I would be a liar if I didn’t say the thought of a school shooting happening while I was in the building, terrifies me. It chills my bones and nauseates me. And it is my reality.

It is so, SO important for us to love our kids. Show them patience and tolerance and kindness. We are, as a society, lacking kindness. Show them and teach them that there are alternatives to violence.

It is heartbreaking that this continues to happen, on a yearly basis, and that nothing is being done. How many more children must die in vain?

Some December goals…

12 Dec

Because who doesn’t like start a list of goals when your almost halfway thru the month? Me! That’s who.

Ok, some goals. Hmmm.

Well, we already got our tree up and decorated…
Oh! Oh, I know! Build a gingerbread house!
To finishing shopping and be done wrapping by next weekend.
To continue working out 3 days a week.
To finish my application to LFFCC for my teaching certification.
To try out my sewing machine. No, but for real.
And that I guess does it. Nothing too serious but this month is always a little crazy.

And for anyone keeping track, I DID meet some of my November goals! i.e. the name change and taking the VCLA and Thanksgiving going off without a hitch. Boom. Feeling mighty accomplished.

Also, I totally can’t believe it’s Thursday!

What I’ve been doing…

11 Dec

The past couple of weeks have just flown by! Seriously! My days have been full of: studying (for the Virginia Competency and Literacy Assessment), 2 snow days!, XC skiing, a renewed workout regimen, getting a VA license (you’re not allowed to show your teeth when you smile… So strange.), updating all my info with my new name, visiting Mt. Vernon, cheering on the Buckeyes in a dive bar and decorating.

Whew. I think that’s it! Here are some photos to prove it!