Thanksgiving 2013

11 Dec

Let’s just jump right in and get back into the swing of things, shall we?!

So, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was fantastic! My parents came in on Tuesday night and we immediately went out for burgers at Five Guys. My dad ate a burger AND FRIES. I swear, the older my dad gets the more he surprises me. He used to NEVER eat fried food.

Wednesday night, MBM’s brother T and his wife and son rolled in around 930. We stayed up til 1, talking and laughing and telling stories. It was great.

Thursday was the big day, as you know, and we were pumped! MBM brined the turkey and we put that sucker in for a loooong 12 hours. We actually put it in the oven at 1 am Thursday morning so staying up that late ended up being a solid choice! We invited some friends for dinner and they came around 12:30. Everything was going so smoothly… And it continued the whole day. We ate all the good stuff and drank homemade limoncello. We laughed and told stories and just got along. It was wonderful.

The next couple of days were FULL of football, a day trip to Berkeley Springs, football, leftovers, the Air & Space museum and football. By the end of it, we were all exhausted. All in all, a successful thanksgiving indeed!



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