Some December goals…

12 Dec

Because who doesn’t like start a list of goals when your almost halfway thru the month? Me! That’s who.

Ok, some goals. Hmmm.

Well, we already got our tree up and decorated…
Oh! Oh, I know! Build a gingerbread house!
To finishing shopping and be done wrapping by next weekend.
To continue working out 3 days a week.
To finish my application to LFFCC for my teaching certification.
To try out my sewing machine. No, but for real.
And that I guess does it. Nothing too serious but this month is always a little crazy.

And for anyone keeping track, I DID meet some of my November goals! i.e. the name change and taking the VCLA and Thanksgiving going off without a hitch. Boom. Feeling mighty accomplished.

Also, I totally can’t believe it’s Thursday!


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