13 Dec

Tomorrow marks a year since the Newtown Connecticut school shootings. And today, almost a year to the day of that tragedy, another school shooting as taken place. When will we as a society realize with eyes wide open, THIS, this has become an epidemic. When will our children’s safety trump that of lenient gun control? How can we change the laws surrounding the right to bear arms? Or fix the mental healthcare system, a broken structure that is unfortunately so closely entwined with this problem.

As a person who is currently trying to become a teacher, I would be a liar if I didn’t say the thought of a school shooting happening while I was in the building, terrifies me. It chills my bones and nauseates me. And it is my reality.

It is so, SO important for us to love our kids. Show them patience and tolerance and kindness. We are, as a society, lacking kindness. Show them and teach them that there are alternatives to violence.

It is heartbreaking that this continues to happen, on a yearly basis, and that nothing is being done. How many more children must die in vain?


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