Change gon’ come

17 Dec

I don’t know if you guys know this or not but nothing changes if nothing changes. And as I am typing this, I just got a voicemail about a job I applied for 2 months ago. Talk about change. Whoa.

But back to the lecture at hand…

I have really been thinking and meditating on that simple thought. It’s so true. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I have been struggling with some things in my personal and work life recently and although I did have a win last week (and man! Did I need a win…I passed the VCLA with a 552!) last night I felt a little beat up and like I wasn’t receiving the support I wanted. So, I just stopped and redirected myself, away from the anger and frustration I was feeling to a more calm and positive situation.

I went to the library. I got some books I’ve been waiting anxiously to read and a(nother!!!) study guide. (Because my love of standardized tests is insatiable. Sike. I have to take the Praxis II next. Joy.) And I took the long way there and the long way back. And I listened to Crystal Gale and some Christmas music. And I once I got home, I kept to myself… Putting away dishes, making my lunch for today… and then I watched my guilty pleasure, RHOBH. And loved every single minute of it. Then I read and went to bed.

This morning, I woke up 20 earlier and did some yoga with Rodney Yee
I drank some water with lemon and honey and started my day on the right foot.

Sam Cooke said, “change gon’ come” and I KNOW my change is happening… And it’s around the corner… And it’s what I was in the past. Change happens all the time. Everyday. But it does take time.


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