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Book Recap: The Book Thief

6 Jan

I just LOVED this book. It was so different from anything I’ve read in a long time. It was so moving and so painful and so beautiful. It was a perspective flip, for me, and it was refreshing.

It is narrated from the perspective of Death and tells the story of an adoptive orphan, her new family and their neighbors.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who just wants to read something great.


Taking stock

4 Jan

tumblr_macknydpYZ1rydqpho1_400Making: a little blanket cocoon on the chair, complete with a snoring pup.
Cooking: brats and potato wedges… the cleanse starts tomorrow but tonight the Buckeyes play so eat accordingly.
Drinking: lots and lots of h2o. carbonated.
Reading: Night Film. I can’t put it down!
Wanting: an oil change, state inspection and maintenance done on my car.
Looking: for new bedding
Playing: Queen Bey and Shovels and Rope.
Using: bubble bath. So much bubble bath.
Sewing: pants! I’m learning how to use my sewing machine this month, so help me!
Wishing: for a haircut.
Enjoying: these last few days I’ve had off before I start my new job.
Waiting: for the OSU v. Clemson game to start.
Liking: a somewhat clean and organized house.
Wondering: if I’m gonna like working 11:30 am to 8 pm.
Loving: the snow!
Hoping: I’m a good partner.
Marveling: at how I am aware of my attitude at all times and my desire to maintain a positive energy.
Smelling: my new perfume that I got for Christmas.
Wearing: scarlet and grey, baby.
Following: so many blogs!
Noticing: how much I miss home.
Knowing: I’ll be 33 this month and that it’s exciting.
Thinking: holy cow! when did I get this old?
Feeling: warm and sleepy.
Bookmarking: J. Crew necklaces. And recipes.
Opening: snacks.
Giggling: at the Jimmy’s of late night. ALWAYS, ALWAYS good for a laugh.
Feeling: hopeful.

2014 goals and the like

1 Jan

I love making resolutions. I know but I think it goes back to my love of lists. And I just love the feeling a new year brings… It’s so hopeful. And fresh. And blank. You get to make it full of whatever you want. It’s rejuvenating.

Goals I really want to incorporate into my 2014:

More kindness
More patience – with others. And with myself.
More phone calls, emails, and time to devote to my friendships
Send more cards!!
More exercising – and I want to run my first 10k!
More outdoors – more camping and learn to rock climb. And more time on my bike!
More gratitude
More commitment – to my projects; DIY, art, sewing, cooking, etc.
To learn about photography
To take a honeymoon
And to return videos to the Red Box on time – Ha!
To be more fierce
And to always try. Try before I give up. Try first, and keep trying because I am a work in progress