Back in the saddle

4 Jun

Making: better choices for my personal happiness
Cooking: big breakfasts every morning.
Drinking: lots of water and way less coffee.
Reading: “The Goldfinch” and catching up on my favorite blogs.
Wanting: a clean house.
Looking: for the perfect carry on bag for my flight to CA.
Playing: the Tillers new cd and Shakey Graves too.
Wasting: the battery on my iPhone.
Wishing: for another weekend with my family.
Enjoying: early morning walks with Slimmie.
Waiting: for news from our realtor.
Liking: Gaim TV. There are so many yoga videos to choose from!
Wondering: if I’ll ever figure out how to use my sewing machine.
Loving: the trio I’m apart of with the husband and the pup.
Hoping: to partake of some Chipotle sooner than later
Marveling: at our blossoming town.
Needing: some new headphones.
Smelling: Peonies straight from my yard!
Wearing: shorts! And dresses.
Following: advice from my mom.
Noticing: a stronger and more fit body.
Knowing: that family is the most important (outside of your health).
Thinking: about what to pack.
Feeling: impatient.
Bookmarking: things to do in Healdsburg, CA.
Opening: email after email after email.
Giggling: at allll the songs Micah makes up about Slim.



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