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So I had a baby…

3 Apr

On March 17th at 4:30 in the morning, my husband and I welcomed a new little soul into the world. It was the most overwhelming and enormous and complete experience of my life. Everyone always says, “It’s different with your own child” and “You’ll understand when you have your own” and “Being a mother is the hardest thing you’ll ever do”. And it’s all true. As someone who never wanted to be a mother (and honestly I never thought I would be one) I can tell you that it is the most wonderfully painful and deliciously frustrating and awe inspiring commitment that I’ve ever made. She is perfect, down to the smallest detail on her knuckles and the biggest wail that her lungs can deliver. She is the love song my husband and I wrote to each other before we even knew what words to sing or melody to hum. She is full of promise and wonder and possibility. She is all I could ask for and everything I never knew I wanted. She is my baby, my daughter.