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2016: and so it begins

4 Jan

Making: resolutions! And goals! I love the beginning of the new year.
Cooking: a lot less than I would like
Drinking: gallons of water and tea
Reading: tons of magazines!
Wanting: someone to paint and organize my house
Looking: for paint colors
Playing: Adele and Serial
Wasting: time by worrying- not good
Wishing: my hair was longer and thicker
Enjoying: Mozart in the Jungle
Waiting: for the leather jacket I want to go on sale
Liking: classical music and quiet time
Wondering: if we will ever get a grocery store I love
Loving: my new sweaters 
Hoping: this cold sore goes away asap
Marveling: at my baby’s little hands and feet 
Needing: a little snow in my life this winter
Smelling: lots of baby and puppy toots
Wearing: lots of wool- sweaters, socks and scarves- oh my!
Following: my friends trip to Thailand and Vietnam thru insta 
Noticing: how the sunshine and cold weather coupled with my dog and a field really makes me smile
Knowing: lots of adventures await me in 2016
Thinking: I made a pretty darn delicious apple pie
Feeling: in love with my little family
Bookmarking: crockpot recipes out the ying yang
Opening: my eyes to areas that I can improve on
Giggling: at Mistress America